Chemo Hats | Beanies | Headgear for Men and Women: 7 Excellent Tips and Videos You’ll Love

Chemo Hats Beanies Men WomenCancer is manageable through chemotherapy.

It is during and after chemo sessions that the patients will require chemo headgear as one of the best in concealing the head –

especially if you have lost a good portion of your hair during cancer treatment.

Here are 7 examples and tips on chemo hats / beanies / caps / scarves / headgear for both men and women:

#1: Expert Tips and Options by Macmillan Cancer Support

The video below covers a tutorial on the different head wear options for men and women, including instructions on tying different styles of bandana.


#2: The “Healing Beanies” For Her Mom

Markie shares her chemotherapy / radiation beanie as one of the best source of comfort when battling cancer.

The good thing is that they can be customized to suit your needs.

For instance, if you are in a hot region, then all you need is a light-textured beanie. It is also possible to choose a beanie which has been crocheted loosely to allow aeration.


#3: Team Nalie Crochet Hat for Breast Cancer Patients

And here is a purple crotchet hat shared by for Nalie who has been undergoing breast cancer chemotherapy treatment.

Unlike most of other beanies, this is designed with a cancer ribbon.
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#4: Tutorial on How to Make a Chemo Cap

You may also consider caps, skull caps or scarf liners during your chemo sessions. To make this, you need to measure your head from ear to ear and all around your head.

Making these caps is an art and it depends on your creativity to come up with a very unique cap, as shown in the video below by Amy McKnight.


#5: Mens Crochet Beanie Hat

For men, wearing a fabric scarf is not an easy thing because they consider it for women.

Luckily, there are beanies for men.

One particular beanie is a crochet beanie. It is normally hand-made and designed into various designs. Such designs include hats and hoods.

The good thing with crochet hat is that it is well ventilated.

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#6: Chemo Cap Tutorial by Sherry

There are chemo caps that are designed from fabrics. They are light and easy to make.

The first thing is cutting your fabric in such a way that it takes the shape of a kite, as shown in the video below.

The second step is folding and lastly sewing along those fold lines. When all the edges are mended, you will get a very good chemo cap for both women and men.


#7: Easy Crochet Prayer Hat Pattern

Crochet caps can be enhanced by adding colorful buttons to the outer area, and they may come in different shapes and colors.

Have a look at this video: