Anal Bleaching Cream and Products: Your Intimate Lightening Guide

Asshole Bleaching Cream ProductsOkay, show of hands:

Who else would like to get your anus bleached?

Don’t worry, you can admit it, because anal bleaching is not a thing only for the porn stars anymore.

Its popularity has really grown over the recent years, with many ladies (even men) are looking forward to have their assholes bleached.
Inspired by those beautiful ladies in the celebrity world, many people looking to have their intimate areas like anus look spotless and as light as possible.

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– Anal Bleaching Procedure and Cost (eg. at Salon)
– Anal Bleaching Cream and Intimate Lightening Product
– Causes of Hyperpigmentation and Dark Skin Between Buttocks


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Epibright Intimate Skin Brightening Cream Reviews: Working?

Epibright Intimate Skin Brightening Cream ReviewsEpibright Skin Brightening cream and Epibright Intimate Skin Lightening cream by Sisquoc Healthcare are formulated to reduce dark areas / spots on skin for long-term radiance and smoothly balanced skin tones.

But do their ingredients really work to produce the desired results?

We comprehensively review the medical research and clinical results on the efficacy of Epibright ingredients as skin whitening solution.
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Best Nipple Bleaching and Lightening Cream for Areola Whitening Review

Nipple Bleaching Areola Lightening CreamWhile skin bleaching is very popular today –

Many people might not be very aware of nipple bleaching, and actually they might take it as an awkward thing to do.

The nipple tends to be very dark in many people, and more often people with a lighter skin tone don’t like the appearance of their dark nipples.

This is a reason that makes people consider doing a nipple bleaching and areola whitening to achieve “uniform” lighter skin.

Why You Would Want to Bleach Your Nipples and Areola

Nipple bleaching, just like the other forms of skin bleaching, is one used to gain more confidence about yourself. This is particularly true for women who are very sensitive about their bodies. Women want to look appealing in every part of their bodies.

The more beautiful a woman looks, the more confident she is — this is according to many ladies, especially those in the beauty universe. Bleaching your nipples will give you pinker nipples, such that they are seen as more sexually appealing.

In some places like Japan, lighter nipples and areolas are usually linked with a youthful and appealing appearance. Anyone would want to look youthful, especially women, and nipple bleaching can give them the youthful look they desire.

Nipple bleaching is not only for women, but also for men. Some men may have an overall lighter skin, but dark nipples. Some are very comfortable with them, while others just feel that they really need to lighten their nipples. The general reason for nipple bleaching is actually to enhance the beauty of an individual and to some extent improve their confidence.

Those people who were born with pink nipples might find themselves with darker nipples at some point in their lives. The darkening of nipples is caused by various factors and this would prompt an individual to consider doing nipple bleaching in order to restore the original color of their nipples.
Skin Lightening

What Causes Darkening of Nipples and Areola?

There are several factors that can lead to darkening of the nipples:

1. Age

As women age they might start developing some darkening around their nipples. As you age, your body goes through some changes and darkening does not only happen on your nipples. Darkening can also be seen around your eyes and you may also start forming dark wrinkles and fine lines.

2. Menstruation

According to MedicineNet, there are hormonal changes that happen in a woman’s body during menstruation. Due to these hormonal changes the skin starts darkening, and nipples become slightly larger and also become darker, even before period. However, after menstruation the darkening disappears and the nipples get restored to their original color.

3. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is another factor that causes the darkening of nipples. When a woman is pregnant, she can start feeling and seeing some of the changes that happen to and on her body. After several weeks of pregnancy, the nipples increase in size and become darker and the darkening continues throughout the pregnancy period. However, this darkening can clear out by itself after giving birth and the original color gets restored.

4. Breastfeeding

The nipples might turn dark during pregnancy due to hormones that affect pigmentation of the skin, says the American Pregnancy Association; and after giving birth, the nipples may stay dark if you are breastfeeding your child.


How to Safely Bleach Your Nipples and Areola

Today, many women prefer the pink nipples to the dark nipples, and some of them with darker nipples have preferred to bleach their nipples and areolas in order to achieve pinker look.

This reason has led to many over the counter products being manufactured and distributed in the market which claim that they can lighten your nipples. However, some of the skin whitening products that claim they can lighten your nipples are made with very strong chemicals that can be harmful to your skin.

If you are looking for the best products to use for nipple bleaching you should go for those that contain natural ingredients as they are free of any harmful compounds.

Ingredients in Nipple Lightening Cream You Must Avoid

There are some strong bleaching ingredients that you should really avoid when selecting nipple lightening cream, as they can be very harmful to your skin. Choosing the right bleaching products can give you the desired results after some time without any adverse effects.

  • Hydroquinone: This is a very strong bleaching agent that can cause skin sensitivity and irritations. Some studies have shown that this ingredient can put an individual at risk of cancer, and it has since been banned in USA by FDA alongside some European countries.
  • Parabens: A compound that is capable of causing breast cancer. It is also known to interfere with the hormonal function in the body, and this can cause some problems in your body.
  • Mercury: This compound has never been termed as a good compound to be used in the body. It can cause several skin sensitivities including irritation, burns and rashes.
Epibright Intimate Skin Brightening CreamsA leading over the counter anus bleaching product on the market is Epibright Intimate Lightening Cream, which is specifically formulated for bleaching of intimate body areas like nipples, vagina, penis, and anus.

Very importantly, this natural nipple bleaching cream does not contain harsh substance like Hydroquinone, Parabens, and Mercury.

>> Check out product review of Epibright nipple lightening cream

>> Visit Epibright Intimate Official Website to Learn More


Safe Ingredients For Nipple / Areola Whitening

Natural ingredients are the best for nipple bleaching due to their safety on the skin. These ingredients have natural ways of blocking melanin in and around the nipples, thus giving you a lightened color.

While natural ingredients are not associated with any adverse effects, they take a longer time to give the desired before and after results, nonetheless it’s well worth it because we must put “Safety Before Beauty”.
Some of the natural nipple bleaching natural ingredients include:

  • Arbutin: Melanin is what gives your skin a dark color. Melanin is usually produced by an enzyme known as tryozinase. The arbutin is very effective at eliminating tryozinase, thus inhibiting the production of melanin. Due to its ability to inhibit the production of melanin, arbutin is very effective at bleaching your, nipples thus it’s a great ingredient for nipple bleaching..
  • Mulberry extracts: Almost all types of berries are associated with great benefits for the body. The mulberry extract is a good source of the nipple lightener. Additionally, the mulberry extract can help your skin develop new skin cells that are brighter, thus giving you brighter nipples.
  • Licorice extract is an excellent natural ingredient to use for nipple bleaching and bleaching the other sensitive parts in the body like the vagina. It is often sold in powder form, which can dissolve quickly in water. Whether you have it in cold or hot solutions, licorice extract can lighten the nipple without any adverse effects.
  • Vitamin C: Orange juice and lemon juice are good sources of Vitamin C. Vitamin C acts by inhibiting the production of melanin around the nipple and also has some antioxidant properties that can fight all the free radicals, thus giving you a healthier looking skin. However, when using the lemon juice or the orange juice, the nipple might start itching or become irritating. You should apply the ingredients in bits and stop immediately if the nipple starts to itch or irritate.


Tips for Nipple Bleaching Naturally

  • Carefully apply the remedies in bits or in proper amounts in order to allow the ingredients to deliver and avoid the itchy feeling that can be experienced with excess amounts. Also, excessive amounts can actually do the opposite of the intended action of the ingredients, in other words they can darken your nipples even more.

  • Exfoliating your nipples is great. Exfoliation actually speeds up the action of the lightening ingredients by allowing them to go deeper into the skin. When proper exfoliation is done the skin is able to get rid of the dead cells, thus giving you brighter and lighter nipples. However, exfoliation should be done with moderation and in a gentle manner, simply because excessive exfoliation can irritate your nipples and make them dry off, and this will not give you the results that you really desire.

  • Keep your skin hydrated all the time. Your skin needs to stay moisturized all the time in order to avoid a dry skin that makes it start darkening. When your skin is exposed to a lot of scratching and friction, your skin tends to darken, this too happens to the nipples when they are exposed to a lot of friction. If you want to achieve desired results with the ingredients for nipple bleaching, you would always strive to avoid wearing very tight bras, as that will cause a lot of friction to your nipple and thus darkening it even more. Moisturizing your skin to keep it hydrated all the time is the key to having lightened nipples and a healthy skin.


Nipple Bleaching and Areola Lightening: The Verdict

The major disadvantage about the home natural ingredients for nipple bleaching is they take longer to lighten your nipples. Therefore, some people may feel that they want to have quicker results on the bleaching of their nipples by acquiring nipple lightening cream.

You should always select the whitening cream that is safe to use and contains natural ingredients for the sake of your skin. These nipple and areola bleaching products can be acquired online.

In order to get a better understanding of the product you need to carefully read the description, as well as the ingredients of the product. There are nipple bleaching products that can be used by both men and women.

Remember, your nipples are very sensitive due to the many nerves that are located there, therefore you would want to use something that will not cause harm to you or them.

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Nipple Bleaching Cream Products

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