Anal Bleaching Cream and Products: Your Intimate Lightening Guide

Asshole Bleaching Cream ProductsOkay, show of hands:

Who else would like to get your anus bleached?

Don’t worry, you can admit it, because anal bleaching is not a thing only for the porn stars anymore.

Its popularity has really grown over the recent years, with many ladies (even men) are looking forward to have their assholes bleached.
Inspired by those beautiful ladies in the celebrity world, many people looking to have their intimate areas like anus look spotless and as light as possible.

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– Causes of Hyperpigmentation and Dark Skin Between Buttocks


What is Anal Bleaching? and Why are People Doing It?

Anal bleaching can also be termed anal lightening. Right from the word ‘lightening’ we can clearly get some understanding of what really anal bleaching is.

Anal bleaching is actually the process that involves lightening the dark pigment or spots around the anus leaving the anus looking just like the lighter skin tone.

Many people, especially those in the celebrity world, are considering anal bleaching. This is very common with the porn stars in the early 2000s, so that they can enhance their appearance on the screens. In fact no one would want to see his or her anus with a discoloration, they all want to look beautiful in everything that is bestowed on them.
Anal Bleaching Cream Products
Sometimes in the daily walks of life, people tend to develop some dark pigments around the anus. The discoloration of the skin around the genitals, especially around the anus, is something that people don’t like and they are always striving to get rid of them.

Anal bleaching has evolved to become a popular beauty trend among women and men. In the population, ladies make the highest percentage of people who get their anuses bleached, probably because they expose their butts more.
Ladies are usually careful with their butts and they value them a lot, thus they would look for all means to make them look even more beautiful and as lightened as possible.

  • Both men and women say anal bleaching actually boosts their self-esteem. A lady can be greatly affected by some small hitches in her body thus losing her self-esteem. Genitals, and to be specific the anus which has darker pigments would make a lady feel low about her body.

    To avoid this, people look for ways to lighten their bumhole and get that anus that looks very perfect. A lightened anus or pink butthole makes most ladies more confident about themselves thus boosting their self-esteem.

  • Anal sex is showing increasing trend among males and females over the years, including homosexual anal intercourse between males, as reported by the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC).

    The statistics in table below shows “percentage of males and females 15-44 years of age in 2002, 2006-2010, and 2011-2015 who have ever had anal sex with an opposite-sex partner“.

    Anal Sex Trend Men Women CDC

    As indicated, one third of U.S. population aged between 15 and 44 have anal sex experience, and the increasing trend continues.

    With more people are concerned with what they looked like from behind when they have anal sex with their partners, anus bleaching began to gain mainstream appeal.

  • Also ladies love to wear bikinis that expose their butts properly. With a more lightened anus, they can have fun at the beach or the swimming pool without having to worry about their rears.

Hedda Lettuce, an American drag queen and artist who lives in New York City, shares her thought on anal bleaching in the video below:



How To Bleach Your Anus: Guidelines and Options

Anal bleaching can be safe and effective if you follow the correct procedure. With the right tips and execution, you can achieve good anus bleaching before after results safely.

Option #1: Asshole Bleaching Procedure and Cost

Anal bleaching is mostly done for aesthetic purposes, and it should be done with procedure that is safe such that it does not cause any harm to your skin.

If you are really that kind of a person who is not shy about your body, you can have anal bleaching done by a cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist, or by a trained personnel in salon / spa that offers anal rejuvenation service — while the adopted anal bleaching procedures and process may vary.

Some dermatologists may abrade your skin first with some products, then they may apply lactic acid or glycolic acid products and some gels or creams, and peel it with a specific mask.
Below are 2 demonstration videos that illustrate the different bleaching procedures used to lighten skin around the anal region.

(WARNING: These videos include footage of actual anal bleaching procedure and are unedited, so sensitive viewers may wish to not view it.)

So how much does anal bleaching cost if the procedure is done by trained professionals?
While you should visit the anus bleaching service provider near you for consultation to get the most accurate cost estimates for your specific procedural needs —

You may find that dermatologist or intimate bleaching salon and spa may charge USD $1000 to $2500 to complete the whole anal bleaching treatment. For examples:



Option #2: DIY With Over The Counter Anal Bleaching Cream

This process can also be done discreetly in the privacy of your home with over the counter anal bleaching creams.

By bleaching the dark skin between buttocks yourself, you don’t have to experience the embarrassment of having someone else applying the bleaching procedure on your anus area, because you just have yourself without any pressure.

While there are many people consider acquiring anal lightening cream that is much more cost effective compared to bumhole bleaching procedure, here are the guideline and important notes when you select an anal bleaching product:
1. Choose Skin Bleaching Product that Does NOT Contain Hydroquinone

This should actually be the first step to consider when you choose an anal bleaching cream, as we should practise total mindfulness to avoid ruining your anus as you try to enhance your beauty.

Safety starts by choosing the right skin whitening product.

Hydroquinone has been banned in various countries, including those in the European union. This substance has also been banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in year 2006 for its usage in OTC skin bleaching products, as you can read the full report here.

Hydroquinone is a harsh component that may cause harm to our body, thus you shouldn’t risk using it. As much as you want to improve your beauty around anus, you should select the best product that contains ingredients meant to deliver on their promise but free from causing any harm to you.
2. Choose the Right Skin Bleaching Cream Formulated for Intimate Areas

Anal bleaching involves the use of bleaching products that are made with ingredients capable of bleaching your skin around anus.

There are many skin whitening creams on the market, and all of them are made differently.

Most of these ointments and lotions are skin brightener for generic use (eg. lightening of body and legs) – they are ineffective for specific purpose of bum bleaching, while their ingredients and formulation may not be suitable for intimate skin area.

To get your anus bleached effectively, you must only consider intimate bleaching creams that are specifically formulated to lighten delicate skin around your anus and private area.

Epibright Intimate Skin Brightening CreamsA leading over the counter anus bleaching product on the market is Epibright Intimate Lightening Cream, which is made in America and specifically formulated for bleaching of intimate body areas like anus, vagina, and penis.

Very importantly, this natural anus bleaching cream does NOT contain harsh substance like Hydroquinone as reviewed above.

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3. Clean Your Anal Region Before Topical Cream Application

Before you perform anal bleaching, ensure that your anal region is very clean for best results, while ineffective outcome may be experienced you don’t clean your anal region by properly washing and drying it.
4. Gently Apply the Bleaching Cream to the Anal Region

Follow the application instructions that come together with your anal whitening cream purchase. It is always advisable that when applying the bleaching cream, you should avoid you using your fingers directly but rather opt for a soft brush. This is easier to apply the cream in the recommended amounts.

As you do it yourself, you are able to feel how the skin around your anus is reacting to the cream. You are able to know when to start and when to stop. If it’s very harsh, perhaps you should stop applying the product and opt for another one. Doing it bits by bits is the right way to go.
5. Be Patient in order to Get the Desired Results

Anus bleaching cream does not give immediate results overnight, just as you would also need multiple treatments if you go through the anal bleaching procedures conducted by dermatologist.

You have to practice some patience and allow the cream to work per the manufacturer’s recommended usage and application instructions, so that you can experience the desired results. The bleaching product may take several weeks or months to get rid of the old darker skin, and allow some period for the development of new lighter skin tone around the anal region.
Intimate Anus Lightening Bumhole Whitening


Causes of Hyperpigmentation and Dark Skin Between Buttocks

Just in case you are wondering what causes hyperpigmentation between buttocks around anus area:

As opposed to the generally held belief that not maintaining good hygiene causes dark anus, having dark skin between buttocks is a general thing and common among people.

A darkened anus can be engendered by aging, genetics, and hormonal changes due to conception or environmental causes.

Melanocytes (pigment cells) are the cells charged with the skin colour. At the beginning when loss starts, the cells become dark in the center. As time goes on this pigment cell grows, develop and stretch out to close cells causing large patches of skin discoloration.


Tips for Effective Anus Bleaching Before and After Results

Wherever you are having anal bleaching performed, you should always ensure that you choose the right option that will not cause any harm to you and that which will deliver safe and effective results.

If you are not shy about having your arse bleaching done by a someone else, then look for cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist, salon or spa that offers anus bleaching service.

DIY anal bleaching is cheaper simply because you don’t have to pay any service fees to have the procedure performed on you. Over the counter anus bleaching products are readily available and easy to apply, just need to follow the application instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Ensure you only select bleaching products or home kit that are made with natural bleaching ingredients (without Hydroquinone), and are specifically formulated to lighten delicate skin around private areas like your anus.