Buying Dehumidifier at Argos UK? Here are Great and Cheaper Alternatives to Consider

Let me guess:

You know the many benefits of by using a dehumidifier –

such as reduction of humidity to combat the growth of dangerous mold and mildew, eliminate dust mites and allergies, prevent excessive moisture that can cause musty smells, and much more.

However, if you are planning to get this product at Argos –

here are 2 key reasons why you may want to consider buying an electric dehumidifier elsewhere:

#1: Same Product and Model – Lower Price at Amazon UK

Based on our observation:

For the exact same dehumidifier product and model that you see at Argos, you can get it with much lower price at Amazon UK.

The price difference of many dehumidifiers can be as great as 10% or more.

As evidence, let’s take the following 3 popular electric dehumidifiers as examples:

  • De’Longhi DEX12
  • Ebac 2250e 15 Litre
  • Meaco 20L LE Low Energy

You can check out the latest pricing info below, and compare the respective price difference between Argos vs Amazon UK for each product:

Dehumidifier Product Image
ModelDEX12 Dehumidifier2250e DehumidifierLow Energy Dehumidifier
Capacity12 Litre15 Litre20 Litre
Price at ArgosLearn More Amber Button Without FrameLearn More Amber Button Without FrameLearn More Amber Button Without Frame
Price at Amazon UKLearn More Amber Button Without FrameLearn More Amber Button Without FrameLearn More Amber Button Without Frame


#2: Other Great Alternatives and Cheaper Dehumidifier Brands / Models that are NOT Available at Argos

Argos mainly sell dehumidifiers made by De’Longhi, Ebac, Meaco, Challenge, and Dimplex.

While most of these are established players in the dehumidifier and air purifier industry, there are also other brands that offer great products at lower price.
Here are the top 3 alternatives that you can consider, depending on your budget and needs:

Best Overall Value: NETTA 12 Litre Dehumidifier (under £100)

This unit with large 2L water tank is capable to remove 12 litre of moisture per day, whereby it’ll automatically shuts off when maximum capacity is reached.

It comes with digital control panel, adjustable humidity control between 40% – 85% humidity, 2 fan speed modes, ioniser, etc.

A highly portable unit with wheeled base that makes it easy to move from room to room, while it also supports continuous drainage with overflow pipe included.

With continuous dehumidification function and great coverage of spaces up to 20m² –

this NETTA 12 litre dehumidifier is excellent for rooms, small basement, apartments, etc.

>> Check out these excellent user reviews and learn why users Love this NETTA dehumidifier

Superb 20 Litre Dehumidifier: Duronic DH20

If you need a powerful dehumidifier for whole house or basement with high humidity to prevent dampness and mould growth, then Duronic DH20 is a relatively inexpensive solution you can look at.

As a global consumer products brand based in UK, Duronic equipped this dehumidifier with 4 liter water tank that is capable to get rid of huge 20 litre moisture daily.

The key features of this unit include adjustable humidity level with 3 speed settings, built-in timer, laundry mode, optional water outlet, and others.

Not only that Duronic DH20 has superb user reviews, but its pricing is significantly lower than the other 20 litre units sold at at Argos (eg. Meaco 20L LE and Dimplex FTE20).

>> Check out the user Reviews and Best Price of Duronic DH20 20L dehumidifier



Budget Mini Dehumidifier: Pure Abode Small Moisture Absorber

This compact and light mini moisture absorber is equipped with 0.5 Litre (500ml) water tank.

It is capable to remove up to 0.5 Litre (250ml) of moisture per day, with auto shut off feature.

As its weight is only 1.1 kg, you can use this portable mini moisture absorber anywhere – such as office cubicles, vehicles, baby nurseries, closets, and more.

Again, this is far cheaper than the Challenge 0.5 Litre Mini Dehumidifier for sale at Argos.

>> Learn more about Pure Abode mini dehumidifier and its best price here

Buy Dehumidifier at Argos UK? The Verdict.

In short, it is observed that as of this point of writing, the price of dehumidifiers for sale at Argos UK are more expensive than the other retailers in general.

Moreover, there are great and cheaper alternative brands / models that are not available at Argos, as reviewed above.

We hope this brief article has given some constructive pointers and alternatives for you to make a better educated purchase decision.

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