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ZetaClear Nail Fungus Treatment


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  • Helps clear nail fungus and yellow keratin debris, improves the health of finger-nails and toe-nails.
  • Comes with homeopathic sublingual spray that provides faster results (compared to when only topical solution is used).
  • All natural ingredients.
  • Convenient, easy to use.


  • Some nail fungus patients may still prefer the conventional topical ointment only - compared to the additional sublingual spray provided.
  • This product is not available in retail stores and can only be purchased online.

Let’s get real here:

Having dark yellowish nail fungus can really shatter confidence, to such an extent that there are people who feel embarrassed to seek medical help in person to get rid of these Onychomycosis on their toenails or fingernails.

While leaving the unsightly nail fungus untreated can adversely affect someone’s quality of life, ZetaClear is a popular over the counter product in the market that is available for your self-treatment at home in a discreet manner.

But does ZetaClear really work to treat nail fungus?


ZetaClear Review: What Are The Ingredients?

Zetaclear-prices-walmart-cvs-walgreensThis ZetaClear nail fungus treatment comes in the form of 2 combined formulations:

Topical solution and Homeopathic Spray.

Having a close look at both products can help you in understanding how they functions, as there are actually different ingredients that are used in formulating this over the counter treatment.

#1: ZetaClear Topical Solution

The first part of ZetaClear two-steps homeopathic nail fungus treatment is topical nail solution that contains all natural ingredients, including:
#1. Undecylenic Acid: This is an organic acid that has been produced from castor oil. It helps to combat against fungus safely, whilst it is approved by the US FDA for nail fungus treatment. Undecylenic acid has also been evaluated to effective in ensuring a great skin without causing complications, as supported by clinical study published by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).
#2. Clove Oil: This oil has been recognized for its antiseptic features and it is equally used a lot in dentistry. Clove oil is very useful in the manufacture of certain medicines, as it is used in the flavoring of common colds and cough medicine. It is also useful in treating various infections. This oil has been known to be very powerful because of its antiseptic, antimicrobial, stimulating and antifungal properties. Since it is antiseptic in nature, it can play a vital role in making sure that nail fungus is prevented in the future.
#3. Tea Tree Oil: This essential oil has been widely recognized all over the world due to its healing effects. For a very long time, people make use of this oil in ensuring skin smoothening. Not only is it limited to the above uses, but WebMD indicates tea tree oil can also be used to get rid of nail fungus due to its antiseptic and antifungal property.
#4. Almond Oils: This is another special kind of oil. It has unique healing quality and it is also base in nature. It has the capability of penetrating any tissue and transporting other natural ingredients to the infected area of the body. With this oil, itching will be reduced. It is equally highly nourishing.
#5. Lemongrass Oil: This oil can be gotten from half-dried or fresh leaves through the process of water distillation. It has been discovered to possess anagelstic, astringent, anti-depressant, fungicidal and bactericidal properties that make it very fitting to stop the growth of bacteria and fungi, according to the doctor of natural medicine Dr Josh Axe. It has also been found to be very active in combating against things like typhoid and body odor. Lemon grass oil is also known to possess fungicidal properties that make it suitable for treating fungal related infections.
#6. Jojoba Oil: This oil has its origin from places like North Mexico and North America. It can be gotten when the seeds of jojoba are properly extracted. Skin care and hair products now contain this oil. Jojoba oil has been known to help reduce the fungal activities in various parts of the body. The good thing is that it is a natural product which makes it suitable for application to any part of the skin. It equally plays a great role in fighting against toenail fungus.
>> Check out Full Product Details of ZetaClear Topical Solution To Learn More

#2: ZetaClear Oral Spray

The second part of ZetaClear Nail Fungus Treatment is a homeopathic oral spray, which helps to provide faster results and relief. This approach of giving medicine orally (by mouth) when medication is placed under the tongue to be absorbed by the body, is called Sublingual Administration technique.

As revealed by the International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, sublingual medication administration is faster and more effective than simply taking oral medication, in which you can learn more via the video below.

The ZetaClear oral spray consist of 6 major components. When these natural ingredients are combined it helps to provide a better defense against nail fungus. It is more effective because its operation are from within the body.
#1. Antimonium Crudum helps to promote growth of new nails and reduce the red spots that surrounds those nail fungus affected areas. According to Dr Shirin Wadia and Dr Naheed Contractor, Antimonium Crudum oral pills can improve the quality of nails and treat the infection of discoloured nails that are thick, brittle, and grow out of shape.
#2. Arsenicum Album: This is an element that is present in mushrooms and sea foods. It has a way of inhibiting the growth of fungi, and it does it very effectively. With this, healing of wounds can be quickened and it aids in correcting nail discoloration.
#3. Sulphur has been known for its active antiseptic property that helps in reducing itching. Its antiseptic and anti-itching property makes it very effective in this regards. It is very famous for the reduction of swollen fingers, ulcer treatment around the nails and so on.
#4. Mancinella is mostly used to restore the original color of the nails. It can be used to reduce the dryness of any infected part of the finger. It also helps to prevent bluish discoloration that arise as a result of fungi infection.
#5. Thuja Ocedentalis is widely accepted in homeopathy because of its antiviral property. It helps to fight severe infections and warts. It is highly useful in getting rid of nail fungus.
#6. Nitricum Acidum has been discovered a very long time. It is useful for alleviating pains. It also ensures that circulation to the nail beds are carried out without stress. Nitricum acidum is a useful ingredient in the treatment of pains and pressures felt under the nails.
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How To Use ZetaClear?

The reason why the ZetaClear solution has been very successful in fighting fungus infection is because of the way it handles infections below the surface and on the surface.

When the oral spray is combined with the ZetaClear solution, its activities in fighting fungus is made faster – because of its combined internal and external actions that work in parallel:

  • Just as it is written on the label, have the ZetaClear solution applied on the infected nail 3 times in a day with the brush provided together with the ZetaClear treatment kit.
  • The ZetaClear Oral Spray/ may also be applied though that is entirely optional to the user. When it is used, just spray twice under the tongue 3 times a day.

Only a few of this kind of medication actually contain spray like ZetaClear. Just to add an icing on the cake, ZetaClear is without any color or odor which makes it most suitable for use by anyone.

Where To Buy ZetaClear – What’s The Price?

Zetaclear-prices-walmart-cvs-walgreensWhen you visit the ZetaClear Official Website, it is indicated under the FAQ section that this product is not available in retail stores and can only be purchased online.

This means the product is not available for sale in your local retailers like Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens – but you can buy online via the ZetaClear official website directly, with genuine products and package offers are available at best price.

Check out the ZetaClear Official Website here to learn more on its latest price and make an educated purchase decision to get rid of your fingernail / toenail fungus fast.