Negative Side Effects of Viviscal Ingredients: Weight Gain, Stomach Irritation or…? Is Viviscal Safe?

Have you noticed signs that your hairline is thinning?

One of the solutions to hair loss problems is eating the right diet which aids hair growth, with dietary supplements have been developed to make it easier for people facing apparent hair loss to avoid the embarrassing experience.

While Viviscal is a dietary supplement specially formulated to supply your body with the nutrients it needs to support the growth of thicker and fuller hair without shedding —

Any negative side effects of Viviscal tablet to be concerned?

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Viviscal Side Effects: Ingredients with Negative Impact or…?

We have articulated the various features of Viviscal highlighting its active ingredients, the feedback after using Viviscal dietary supplement for hair growth, as well as some side effects that have been reported by users.


#1: Hair Growth on Other Body Areas

One frequently asked question is: If oral supplements are formulated to promote hair growth on our head, will their ingredients do the same for all the hair on our body?

Based on some Viviscal users feedback, they did experience hair growth on the other body parts, and not only on the head that they are trying to achieve the results.

For instance, MakeupAlley‘s readers MzHarleyQuinn and JillianSix shared the Viviscal before and after experience that their eyebrows, eyelashes and the rest of body hair also “benefited” as well.

Such growth or thickened up of unwanted hair over the other body parts might become quite overwhelming for some people to handle.
As WellandGood revealed the comments from leading natural health expert Corina Crysler:

“Just like a skin supplement wouldn’t just target your face, hair-growth supplements are going to affect all hair follicles, whether on your head, face, or legs…

…your body absorbs the nutrients so they can get to work on your hair, skin, gut, or whatever it is you’re hoping to boost… The mechanism of action is targeted, but that doesn’t mean it’s targeted to one specific part of the body”.


#2: Does Viviscal Cause Weight Gain as Adverse Side Effects?

Viviscal Side Effects Weight GainSome consumers were shocked to have gained noticeable weight, with the inexplicable sudden weight gain from 6 pounds upto 20 lbs – after taking 1 to 2 Viviscal pills daily for a time period ranging from 1 week to 4 months with no lifestyle changes.

Part of these users emphasized that they did not change their diets (except taking Viviscal tablets as added supplement), with some of them ate a super clean diet and workout everyday.

These customers were happy to see some hair growth, however they felt awful with the negative Viviscal side effects of weight gain. While no one can figure out the exact ingredient(s) in Viviscal that may cause unexpected weight gain, most of these users with unfavorable added pounds said they had decided to stop taking the Viviscal pills and look for other alternative.
In case you experience the unexpected adverse effects of Viviscal such as weight gain or unwanted hair growth on other body areas like above, other over the counter hair treatment options include:

  • Topical hair loss treatment solution like Provillus that contains FDA-approved ingredient Minoxidil, to help women and men regrow their follicles.

  • Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) devices that you can wear to specifically promote hair growth on your head. These LLLT products are available in the form of laser helmet and laser cap — as you can learn more here.


#3: Stomach Irritation and Nausea

Viviscal contains iron. The presence of iron in the body is vital for the production of red blood cells which are essential for hair growth, as red blood cells transport oxygen to the skin layers enhancing the growth of hair. Iron deficiency may cause anemia, a condition characterized by symptoms such as dark circles around the eyes and paleness of the skin.

According to MedlinePlus, the presence of iron in dietary supplement can cause some form of irritation in the stomach, especially when the iron is ingested into an empty stomach, so taking dietary supplement containing iron with a small amount of food can help to avoid this problem.

There were also some rare reported cases of bloating and constipation among Viviscal users.

The dosage should be reduced by half if the patient experiences persistent stomach irritation; the full dosage can be resumed when the patient has developed a tolerance for the supplement.
Watch this video and find out why this user experienced stomach upset after taking Viviscal.

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#4: Allergy

Some people are known to be intolerant of protein from fish or shellfish. If you are allergic to fish or shellfish, you may experience some allergic reactions if you use Viviscal which contains AminoMar with marine protein as one of its primary components.

However, there are no traces of nuts, dairy proteins, wheat, soy, gluten or eggs, if these are foods you avoid, you have no worries when you use Viviscal.

It is best to balance your daily nutritional demands among the nutrients you will get from Viviscal and what is already contained in your diet. This is essential to avoid consuming more nutrients than you require daily. While taking Viviscal, we advise that any unusual symptoms should be promptly reported to your doctor.


#5: Cystic Acne and Breakouts

Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, is an ingredient that supports the hair growth as it nourishes the hair from the follicles. However, in some patients like the lady in video below, the consumption of Biotin supplements stimulated a breakout of acne / pimples.

There have been reports of bad acne happened on Viviscal users, just as the forum feedback shared by users Sassys and Nandita1785.

Patients experience this due to the increased activity of the sebaceous gland beneath the skin because of the ingredient Biotin. Acne will disappear gradually as your body becomes accustomed to the nutrients, while acne may fade off weeks after you stop taking Biotin supplements.

With Biotin is an active ingredients in the Viviscal dietary supplements like Viviscal Professional and Viviscal Extra Strength, users may experience rare adverse effect of acne breakout.

Ingredients in Viviscal Man / Professional / Extra Strength

Let’s look deeper into the ingredients of various Viviscal dietary supplements:
Viviscal Man supplement is formulated to help promote hair growth in men. It contains active ingredients such as the exclusive marine AminoMar, Vitamin C, Zinc, Flax seed extract and Horsetail (stem) extract. The Viviscal Man hair growth pills also contain other ingredients extracted from natural sources.

Active ingredients in Viviscal Extra Strength include marine complex AminoMar, Zinc, Biotin, Vitamin C, Iron and Horsetail Extract to support natural hair growth from beneath the skin.

The developers of Viviscal Professional have created an adequate blend of essential nutrients such as Biotin, Niacin, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Apple extract and Vitamin C in combination with the proprietary AminoMar marine complex to enhance rapid hair growth.

Product Name
Product Image
Key Product Ingredients
Product Formulation
Product Details / Latest Price
Viviscal ManAminoMar, Vitamin C, Zinc, Horsetail (stem) Extract, Flax Seed Extract, etc.Hair nutrient hair loss vitamins for Men
Viviscal Extra StrengthAminoMar, Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin C, Horsetail Extract, Iron, etc.Nourish thinning hair,
promotes existing hair growth from within.
Viviscal ProfessionalAminoMar, Biotin, Apple Extract, Niacin, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin C, etc.Professional Strength hair growth supplement

AminoMar Marine Complex: It is one of the major components of Viviscal Extra Strength dietary supplement sourced from marine products. It plays an active role in promoting hair growth and thickening of hair from within the skin.
Biotin: A water-soluble Vitamin B complex(Vitamin B7) it is also called Vitamin H, its functions include the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and amino acids in a process that enhances the development of your desired hair form.
Iron: An essential nutrient which aids the formation of the red blood cells. These cells in their right composition will enhance the supply of oxygen to the hair follicles hence promoting hair growth. Deficiency in iron is usually identified by thinning and symptoms of anemia.
Zinc: The function of Zinc is in the promotion of the healthy division of cells, this includes the cells that support hair growth from the follicles. Hair loss commonly characterizes deficiency in Zinc due to a poor protein structure in the hair.

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Horsetail Stem Extract: This ingredient is an herbal extract which supports the growth and strengthening of hair and the nails. The horsetail stem extract contains Silica, a compound that promotes hair growth. It is also effective in eliminating dandruff and split ends.
L-Methionine: It is one of the important amino acids that promote the rejuvenation of the hair and the skin. It has an overall positive impact on hair growth.
L-Cystine: It is another important essential amino acid that aids the rejuvenation of the hair and skin, it promotes hair growth remarkably.
Apple Extract: When applied to your hair, apple extracts reduce the hair density and its diameter, subsequently promoting the growth of healthy hair.
Vitamin C: The Vitamin C present in Viviscal is sourced from acerola cherry. It is useful for the elimination of free radical which causes damaged hair and skin. Vitamin C also has strong anti-oxidative properties which promote the absorption of iron into the blood, subsequently improving hair growth.

Viviscal Side Effects Reviews: The Verdict – Is Viviscal Safe?

Viviscal dietary supplements have many success stories in helping the users to achieve great before and after hair growth results.

While this over the counter product contains natural ingredients that are safe —

Some users did feedback about the unexpected negative side effects of Viviscal that include weight gain, stomach irritation, acne, constipation, and insomnia. Anyway, it is important to follow manufacturer’s instructions and consume these supplement pills per the recommended dosage.
If you want to achieve faster hair growth results, indeed you can also try other non-oral / proven hair treatment options in parallel so that you can accelerate the hair regrowth: