iGrow vs iRestore | Theradome | HairMax | Capillus | illumiflow Laser Cap Comparison: Winner?

iGrow vs iRestore Theradome Hairmax Capillus Laser CapAccording to the American Hair Loss Association, over 85% of men experience significant hair loss by the age of 50, while women make up 40% of American hair loss sufferers.

Fortunately, there are over the counter laser hair growth systems with advanced technologies that are designed to promote cellular rejuvenation and hair regrowth for both men and women.

When comparing non-invasive laser hair treatment devices, you should know up front on what are their differences to be sure that you are getting the best product available on the market that suits your needs, schedule, life style, and budget.
In this review, we look into 6 FDA-cleared laser hair regrowth systems:

iGrow vs iRestore, Capillus, Hairmax, illumiflow, and Theradome.

We compare these hands-free laser hair growth devices based on 6 categories of treatment effectiveness, treatment frequency and time needed, design and special features, ease of use, portability, alongside cost and warranty.

A summarized overview table is consolidated at end of post for your easy reference.

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Let’s jump right in.


1. Laser Hair Growth Treatment Effectiveness and Coverage

In general, the 2 key factors that influence the treatment effectiveness and coverage of hair growth devices are:
(a) Quantity of Lasers / LEDs / Diodes / Modules. Higher quantity and density of these laser components in the hair growth device can basically cover larger scalp area for better treatment effectiveness and coverage in general.

(b) Wavelength of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). Dallas hair transplant surgeon Dr. Sam Lam discussed the proven and painless LLLT in presentation below.

As revealed in the video, scientists found LLLT at wavelength between 630 nm and 670 nm has produced good hair growth results. So it is not surprised that most of the LLLT hair growth devices are using the wavelength in this optimized range.

Product Name
Quantity of Lasers / LEDs
LLLT Wavelength
CapillusPro272650 nm
illumiflow272650 nm
Hairmax Laserband82655 nm
Theradome80678 nm
iRestore51650 nm
iGrow51655 nm

iRestore laser hair growth system treats hair loss by using 51 medical-grade lasers and LEDs. They also aid in the restoration of thin air and the lasers work at the 650nm wavelength. It is highly portable and comes with the LLLT helmet style.

iGrow device is designed with the same LLLT helmet style. Utilizing both red laser and LED light diodes, iGrow comes with 21 lasers and 30 LEDS at 655nm wavelength. With these total 51 medical-grade components, iGrow is FDA certified medical device in the 510 class helmets.

Theradome is designed with a Cold Laser Phototherapy proprietary clinical strength. It has a total scalp-coverage and uses 80 proprietary lasers. Its 678 nm laser light has the ability to blast your scalp and reach the base of your hair follicles.

Hairmax laserband uses 82 medical-grade lasers (no LEDs) and their patented hair parting teeth to help delivery of light energy to the follicles. However, unlike all the other devices, Hairmax laser band has a narrow coverage and needs to be adjusted at different points above your head.

Editorial Pick: WINNER of Treatment Effectiveness and Coverage

Capillus laser cap is FDA-cleared for hair loss treatment, it offers the highest number of lasers when compared vs the other LLLT hair growth device brands.

Operating at the optimized 650 nm laser wavelength, CapillusPro (formerly known as Capillus272) contains 272 lasers while Capillus202 model has 202 lasers to cover the whole scalp.
Indeed, illumiflow laser cap and HairMax ReGrowMD Laser 272 Laser Cap are other similar LLLT hair regrowth devices that offer 272 laser diodes at relatively lower price than Capillus.

These alternative FDA-cleared laser caps also deliver the clinically proven 650nm wavelengths of low-level light beams to stimulate hair growth.


2. LLLT Treatment Frequency / Time Needed Per Day

iRestore recommends to use the device every other day for 25-minute sessions. While the low-level light-therapy should give you visible results in the first 12 to 24 weeks of continued use, iRestore gives optimal results after 6 months of consistent usage. After this period, you may notice thicker and fuller hair.

iGrow incorporates the Apira Science’s proprietary dual light laser and LED design. The iGrow’s recommended treatment time is 20 minutes every day for 6 months. You may notice some baby hairs within 4 months when used daily, while you can also continue the treatment until you achieve the results you want.

Treatment Instruction
Average Time per Day
Hairmax Laserband90 seconds x 3 times a week~0.7 minutes
Theradome20 minutes x 2 times a week~5.7 minutes
CapillusPro6 minutes x 7 times a week~6 minutes
iRestore25 minutes x Every other day~14.3 minutes
illumiflow30 minutes x Every other day~17.1 minutes
iGrow30 minutes x 7 times a week~30 minutes

Capillus laser cap usually takes about 4 to 6 months to see a clinical effect. This gives the laser enough time to slow down the progression of hair loss. It is simple to use at home as it only requires 6 minutes of treatment daily while you go about your everyday activities.

Hairmax laserBand works slightly different than the full-coverage hair treatment and helmet-style devices. Place the laser band on your head, and gently glide the device to the back of scalp according to manufacturer instructions. Repeat the same procedure for 90 seconds, 3 times in a week. You should start seeing a new growth after 12 to 16 weeks mark.

Editorial Pick: WINNER of Treatment Frequency / Time Needed Per Day

Theradome LH80 PRO hair growth helmet is used for 20 minutes a day, two times in a week.

While this is translated to about only 5.7 minutes of treatment time daily, the required treatment frequency of 2 times per week gives its user certain flexibility in term of scheduling because not everyone can commit to use the laser hair growth system faithfully in daily basis due to their busy life style.

Theradome promotes healthier hair in the first 1-3 months of usage, with the user should see hair growth after 6 months.

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3. Laser Hair Regrowth System – Ease of Use

Hairmax laserband is slightly different because of its head treatment coverage. You place it on the head for 30 seconds at the front, 30 seconds at the middle and 30 seconds at the back of your head – some people may find this procedure relatively troublesome vs other options. It produces a beep sound which means that the treatment time is enough for the day. It takes 90 seconds for each treatment, 3 times per week.

Capillus laser hair cap is worn like any other cap and its power cable streams from the rear middle to the power source. Once you have activated the button, it works effectively and can be used anywhere as it operates with a battery. Same applied to the illumiflow laser cap.

Unlike the handheld laser combs, the hands-free helmet style hair growth system like IGrow and Theradome do not require you to hold it with your hands throughout the hair treatment process.

Taking iRestore laser hair device for example, it is easily usable by both men and women for treatment of hair loss and restoring thinning hair.

As shown in video below, iRestore is simple to operate since you only need to place the helmet on your head, click the activate button and use it every day for 25-minute sessions, that’s it.

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4. Design and Special Features

iRestore features an ergonomic design with its sturdy helmet that distributes weight evenly around your head, making you comfortable during hair treatment. It is manufactured in the GMP-certified facilities, tested to maximum compliance by the Intertek Testing Services and meets the high ISO standards.

Theradome laser hair growth system was designed by a medical therapy company in Silicon Valley. It features a full-scalp coverage design and the 80 laser diodes that emit light energy at the optimal wavelength for hair growth. It was designed with a proprietary clinical strength Cold Laser phototherapy that offers impressive results.

Product Name
Design / Style
Special Features
Hairmax 82LaserbandPatented Hair Parting Teeth
CapillusProLaser Cap-
illumiflowLaser Cap-
iGrowLaser HelmetCustomizable Headphones
iRestoreLaser Helmet-
TheradomeLaser Helmet-

The built-in customizable headphones make the iGrow distinctive from other brands since you can listen to your own playlist during treatment sessions. Put on the device on your head, turn it on and you can crank up your tunes as you allow the lasers do their work.

Capillus and illumiflow feature flexible fitting design with a low-level laser therapy cap. They use a distinct style from other brands with its Cap design that offers an adaptable fit to the user. Their innovative design help each cap to adapt easily to most scalps which encourages consistency of use and optimal hair regrowth results.

Editorial Pick: WINNER of Design and Special Features

HairMax laserband 82 features a sleek Italian design by Ferrari’s designer Pininfarina, a reputable firm that is engaged in designing a wide variety of automobile vehicles including Alfa Romeo and Maserati. This unique curved design makes it stand out from the competition.

Additionally, the HairMax laserband design also incorporates patented hair parting teeth mechanism which part your hair during treatment to allow optimal laser light delivery to your follicles for effective treatment of hair loss and thinning hair.

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5. Portability and Convenience of Laser Hair Therapy Device

iRestore laser hair growth system uses a portable LLLT helmet style with a wide coverage. It features a lightweight design at only 1.7 lbs, with dimension of 10.7 x 9.2 x 6.1 inches. If you travel often, you can purchase a separate mobile pack to use the system while you are on the go.

iGrow is designed to be convenient and comfortable to the user. It can fit on any sized head with its 4-column adjustable design which provides a perfect fit while undergoing treatment sessions. Weighted at 3.6 pounds, iGrow has dimension of 12.2 x 5.9 x 9.8 inches.

Theradome is comfortable to wear and can be used for laser hair restoration in the comfort of your own home. It laser helmet has proven effectiveness from the experts and many patients exhibit visible hair thickening. It is convenient since you only use it two times in a week.

Hairmax laserband is easily portable due to its narrow, head coverage design. Comfortable and lightweight at 2.6 pounds, this laserband is convenient for home use and while traveling.

Editorial Pick: WINNER of Portability and Convenience

Capillus has net weight of 0.49 pounds, makes this laser cap highly portable. The purchase of this laser hair device comes with a lightweight carrying case for travel and storage. Capillus is soft and flexible insert that discreetly fits beneath your favorite hat.

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6. Cost, Warranty, and Money Back Guarantee / Refund.

While Theradome LH80 PRO laser helmet offers 1 year warranty, it only comes with a 7 days refund window. This is not favorable when compared to other laser hair growth systems.

For instance, HairMax laserband comes with a 5 month money back guarantee and 2 years warranty, while iRestore offers 6 months money back guarantee and 1 year warranty.

Product Name
Product Cost
Money Back Guarantee
Device Warranty
Latest Price
iGrow$$6 months1 year
iRestore$$6 months1 year
Hairmax 82$$$5 months2 year
Theradome$$$7 days1 year
illumiflow$$$30 days1 year
Capillus202$$$$5 months2 year
Capillus272Pro$$$$$5 months3 year

Product costing wise, the laser caps are among the most expensive laser hair growth systems – mainly because they are equipped with the highest amount of lasers (eg. 272 lasers) that are significantly more than the other laser helmets (eg. 51 lasers/LEDs) for better treatment effectiveness and greater coverage, as reviewed earlier.

Capillus laser cap devices offer 5 months money back guarantee, alongside 2 years (Capillus202) to 3 years (CapillusPro) of warranty period. This is more favorable compared to illumiflow laser cap that offers 30 days period of money back guarantee and 1 year warranty.

Editorial Pick: WINNER of Cost and Money Back Guarantee

The price of iGrow helmet is generally the lowest when compared to the other established LLLT hair therapy systems in the consumer market.

This device also comes with a 6 month money back guarantee and a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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iGrow vs iRestore | Theradome | HairMax | Capillus Review: The Verdict and Comparison Overview

Unlike drug-based hair loss products, research conducted by the U.S. National Library of Medicine shows Low-Level Laser Therapy for hair growth is safe and drug-free with no negative side effects.

With Advanced technologies have enabled LLLT hair growth treatment to be made available over the counter at a much more cost effective manner when compared to if you receive the laser hair treatment at clinics, this is an excellent alternative for those who want to increase their hair density and fullness.
We hope this review post can help you to choose a hands-free laser hair growth device that best suits your needs, schedule, life style, and budget for hair treatment at home.

Check out the comparison overview table below to help facilitate your purchase decision.

Key Summary
Where To Buy
CapillusPro Laser Cap
FDA-cleared, Made in the USA, hands-free.
Highest density of 272 lasers, best coverage.
Cap style design for discreet treatment.
Highly portable, lightweight, convenient.
5 months money back guarantee.
3 years warranty.
Usage: 6 minutes x 7 times a week.
Most expensive among LLLT devices.
Hairmax Laserband
FDA-cleared, Made in the USA, hands-free.
Sleek design by Ferrari’s designer Pininfarina
Patented hair parting teeth mechanism
Usage: Short 90 seconds x 3 times a week
5 months money back guarantee.
2 years warranty.
82 laser modules.
Moderately priced among LLLT devices.
Need to glide device, not totally hands-free.
illumiflow Laser Cap
FDA-cleared, hands-free.
Highest density of 272 lasers, best coverage.
Cap style design for discreet treatment.
Highly portable, lightweight, convenient.
Usage: 30 minutes x every other day.
1 year warranty
Relatively expensive among LLLT devices.
Short 30 days money back guarantee period.
iGrow Laser Helmet
FDA-cleared, hands-free.
Lowest cost among LLLT devices.
Built-in customizable headphones.
6 months money back guarantee.
1 year warranty
Relatively lower coverage with 51 lasers.
Long treatment: 30 minutes x 7 times a week.
iRestore Laser Helmet
FDA-cleared, Made in the USA, hands-free.
Relatively lower priced among LLLT devices.
6 months money back guarantee.
1 year warranty
Usage: 25 minutes x every other day.
Relatively lower coverage with 51 lasers.
Theradome Helmet
FDA-cleared, hands-free.
Usage: 20 minutes x 2 times a week
Reasonable coverage with 80 lasers.
1 year warranty
Very short 7 days refund window.
Highest priced laser helmet vs iRestore & iGrow.

Before you use the laser treatment device, it is recommended to wash your head and hair thoroughly to remove hair products and get yourself rid of dirt or other contaminants that can reduce the performance of the lasers.

Most of the patients who have used these devices per manufacturer’s application instructions have benefited from substantial hair growth.

Editorial Pick and Recommendation:

CapillusPro (formerly known as Capillus272 Pro) laser cap is the winner among the top brands of hair regrowth systems. It provides the best hair growth results thanks to its highest amount of 272 laser diodes that provide the greatest coverage available in the market.

The battery-operated laser cap fits perfectly in every size of the scalp, and you can wear it as a normal cap.

CapillusPro is ultra-portable. You can use it on your favorite walk, on vacation, and around the office / house. It helps you manage your hair loss treatment with the utmost convenience and discretion.

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