VigRX Delay Spray Review: Ingredients To Help You Last Longer in Bed?

VigRx Delay Spray ReviewOne of the most major issues that every man faces at some point in his life is the struggle to last longer in bed.

According to Mayo Clinic, 1 out of 3 men say they experience premature ejaculation at some time.

To experienced and well-seasoned men, those won’t seem like much of an issue. But for many, including those who have just entered the world of sex, premature ejaculation is one of biggest issues they face in life.

As surprising as it may seem: For many men, lasting 30 seconds to 1 minute is the max they can manage when their sexual organs are stimulated.

While VigRX Delay Spray is made to help these men in need – do its ingredient really work to last you longer in bed?

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How Does VigRX Delay Spray Work To Help You Last Longer?

Made in a cGMP-compliant facilities in the United States, with its manufacturer is Leading Edge Health as the market leader in male sexual enhancement products –

VigRX Plus Delay Spray is formulated to make the penis less sensitive, so that you can satisfy your partner more while lasting in bed longer.

VigRX delay wipes use a mild anesthetic called Benzocain to desensitize the nerves in penis, making it less sensitive and causing you to stay hard and last longer in bed.
VigRx Plus Delay Spray ReviewUsers just need to apply VigRx Delay Spray and rub it till the tissues of the penis absorb it, and you can feel the effects kick in within 10 minutes of application.

Basically, what VigRx Spray does is delay your orgasm by telling the nerves in your penis to relax and enjoy the ride, rather than going full speed and blow up.

This will help prolong sexual pleasure for your partner and yourself.

VigRX Spray Ingredients Review: What Are They?

VigRX Delay Spray is formulated with a mild anesthetic, called:

#1: Benzocaine (used in endurance condoms that make you last longer)

Also known as Ethyl aminobenzoate and Ethyl 4-aminobenzoate, Benzocaine belongs to the group of medicines which are popularly known as topical local anesthetics.

It is commonly used in preparation of different medicines for treatment of minor denture irritation, skin irritations, wound, toothache, mouth pain, and premature ejaculation.

According to ScienceDirect and Indiana University:

  • Benzocaine is a compound widely used for topical anesthesia, with Benzocaine is routinely used in dentistry as numbing agent to reduce fear of injections and needles.
  • Onset is approximately 30 seconds after application, for a duration of 5-15 minutes.

Benzocaine is an over the counter compound recognized as safe and effective by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under 21 CFR 5300 for condom and 21 CFR Part 348 for external analgesic products for over the counter human use — just as FDA approval for marketing of condoms with Benzocaine like Durex and Trojan.

Benzocaine as key ingredient in VigRx spray has been utilized for a long time as a primary substance in such “endurance condoms” to help inhibit sensitivity on the penis, and thus allow an erection to be maintained longer by delaying ejaculation.

Other Ingredients in VigRx Plus Spray

VigRX Delay Spray Ingredients

  • #2: Panax ginseng root is a popular substance that has been clinically proven to help enhance male sexual performance, particularly for those with erectile dysfunction (ED) and low libido.

    For instance, Kyung Hee University of Korea conducted clinical research on 143 patients experiencing ED, the group who took 1000 mg of Panax ginseng extract showed significant improved erectile function after 8 weeks of treatment. Similar conclusion was also shown in research by Sao Paulo University and Yonsei University.

  • #3: Dioscurea villosa (wild yam) root extract has been traditionally used as a relaxant to ease nervous excitement and muscular tension, according to Frostburg State University.

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VigRX Spray Side Effects Review: Benzocaine vs Lidocaine

Over-the-counter male genital desensitizing products have had FDA approval since June 1993, so there’s been plenty of time to find out if they work and whether they’re safe.

VigRX Delay Spray just took the attempted and tried formula of Benzocaine and introduced it to its users in a more effective and convenient method – especially for those who prefer not to use endurance condoms.
It is essential to specify that VigRX has been purposely keeping away from the other common anesthetic named Lidocaine, that is broadly utilized by comparable products and companies.

Lidocaine is another numbing agent that is regularly utilized as a part of numerous delay creams and gels, however has a tendency to be stronger than Benzocaine, and can frequently prove to be “too” strong which increases the strength and duration of the numbness.

For instance, in a topical anesthetics study published by the American Society of Dermatologic Study, it is warned that when Lidocaine is used, special attention should be paid to the particular location it’s applied to, the amount of skin covered, and the length of contact.
Since Benzocaine has a tendency to be much gentler than Lidocaine, it’s better at accomplishing the right harmony amongst desensitization and affectability. A good thing is that the dose-dependent VigRX Delay Spray puts its user in control of how long you last – spray it once and you’re ready to last longer, while 2 sprays will get you twice the effect.

Additionally, VigRx Delay Spray is made in cGMP-compliant facilities in the United States, so if nothing else you in any event know you’re getting an item made with strict security and health regulations which matters a lot to the wellbeing of the user.

Nonetheless, it is still important to keep it to between 1 – 3 sprays for every session as instructed by the manufacturer, to avoid too much numbness with any male desensitizing spray.
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Where To Buy VigRX Delay Spray

VigRx Delay Spray Ingredient Last Longer In BedVigRX Spray is a topical OTC male genital desensitizing product that can help you to last longer in bed, extend the intercourse and pleasure for you and your partner – so that you can watch her orgasm with satisfaction.

While not available for sale in stores and pharmacy like GNC, Walmart, eBay, Walgreens, and CVS –

VigRX Delay Spray is available to buy online on its Official Website here, including for residents in UK, Australia, Canada, and India.

The manufacturer is backing up their confidence on this male enhancement product by offering risk-free 100% money back guarantee within 67 days from the time of delivery.
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Does VigRX Delay Spray Work?

This delay spray is among the popular VigRX Male Sexual Enhancement Product Series, manufactured by Leading Edge Health as the market leader.

Since its release, many people have used VigRX Delay Spray and the user reviews have generally be positive that this product works as it claims.

Keep in mind that there are quite a few factors that determine how long we last in bed — like penile sensitivity, body condition, physiology, stress and anxiety, stamina, as well as health.

If you are someone that on his best days manages to last up to 5 or 6 minutes, then with VigRX Delay Spray you have a good chance to last up to or more than 20 minutes.

The best part is that the product comes with a 67 days money back guarantee. So, in a situation that you find the product isn’t delivering as promised you can ask for a refund.

VigRX Delay Spray Review: The Verdict

Made in a cGMP-compliant facilities in the United States, VigRX Delay Spray enables men to last longer and hold back premature ejaculation in a safe way when used as instructed.

With Benzocain as its key ingredient, VigRX Plus Delay Spray works by gently desensitize the nerves in your penis to help you relax and extend the pleasure for you and your partner.

VigRX Delay Spray is available to buy online on its Official Website here, with the manufacturer is backing up their confidence on this male enhancement product by offering risk-free 100% money back guarantee within 67 days from the time of delivery.
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VigRX Delay Spray
Used For:Male genital desensitizing product that Help Men Last Longer in BedVigRx Delay Spray Review
Ingredients Profile:Benzocaine, Panax ginseng root, Dioscurea villosa (wild yam) root extract, etc.
How To Use:Spray 1-3 applications of VigRX Delay Spray on your shaft and glans, then rub it into the penis until fully absorbed. Wait for 10 minutes for effects to kick start.
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