Valgomed Bunion Separator Reviews: Buy at Walmart CVS Walgreens?

Valgomed Forum Reviews
You know it is true:

Bunions that cause pain can affect quality of life.

Sometimes it does not hurt unless you do a lot of walking or running, but even this pain can be bothersome.
For people who are trying to find a natural way to correct bunion on foot, one non-surgical option is Valgomed silicone gel bunion separator that is available over the counter.

But does it really work?

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Common Causes of Bunions and Treatment Options

Majority of people have a health concern that they don’t even think needs medical attention –

Deformation of the foot.

There are several issues that can lead to bunion which includes overpronation, foot injury, family history, high heels and various arthritic conditions.

Dr. Pete Deol, foot and ankle surgeon, gives an overview on the common causes of bunions and treatment options in video below.

The above are a few of the things that cause the problem. They can cause a painful deformity and an unattractive deformity of the foot bone —

however surgery is normally not be the first immediate treatment option for bunions, also referred to as hallux valgus or hallux abducto valgus.

The good thing is that Valgomed Bunion Separator can help to solve the problem. This is likely to save a lot on your side in terms of money and the time you would otherwise spend on treatment.

With this solution, you can just wait for just a month to see a significant result. After the problem is solved entirely, you can wear your favorite heels and sports shoe again.

What is Valgomed Silicone Gel Bunion Separator

This is a simple and an invisible retainer of a special shape. The product is to be applied on the bunion deformity to support the sore area of the foot.

It contains an ergonomically designed hypoallergic flexible silicon molded brace. It is won over the side of the big toe and the side of the foot. It works to prevent bruising, fluid buildup and calluses and at the same time eliminates walking pain and discomfort.
Made in USA, Valgomed silicone gel bunion separator can help to:

  • restore walking comfort
  • corrects big-toe valgus deformity
  • can be used with any shoes

The Valgomed is known to work with any shoe type without being noticed. The most important thing is that it is designed to coax the sole into reversing the improper alignment of toe bones without pain, cost remedy therapy or surgery.

This product is clinically demonstrated to provide a fast acting and a very effective and reliable solution to bunions and bunion pain. It is designed to wrap on the affected area without interfering with the normal footwear.

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Features of Valgomed:

  • The product complies with the European safety standards.
  • Made of soft and nice to wear silicone materials.
  • It is also suitable for all types of feet both female and male feet.
  • It can as well be used at any stage of Hullux valgus deformity.
  • Most of the tests show that the treatment is painless.

How to Use and How Does Valgomed Work?

It consists of a flexible elastic material that protects the skin from irritation, rashes, and calluses, chafing and reducing the friction between the overlapping toes. Consequently, the skin will receive an effect that will fasten the healing process.

The Silicon Brace of this product gaffe over the big toe and braces it against the second largest toe and this is what will gently align the bones of the feet. It at the same time promote a healthy and a natural walking posture.
The product is designed to prevent further joint deformation, at the same time reduces the natural weight load placed on the bunion while walking. This is what prevents unhealthy joint alignment.

This treatment requires no medical or surgical procedures to be effective. It works more like those braces to fix the misalignment of the teeth. It is supposed to be effected on the affected area at least 10 hours in a day and within a couple of weeks, all the problem will be solved.

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Does It Have Side Effects?

Valgomed tests have been carried out that proves the safety of this separator, which helps to restore walking comfort and correct big-toe valgus deformity naturally with no side effects.

Believe this is due to the softness and the elasticity of the bunion separator. The device will not be needed for a long time. A soon as the foot regains its own natural shape, there is no more need for the bunion separator and it can be safely removed.

The good thing is that you are simply required to follow the fitting instructions and it will work as expected per user reviews and valgomed forum feedback.

It is made from hypoallergenic silicone gel, which is safe to use on any skin.


Valgomed vs Bunions Surgery and Other Treatments

There are several other solutions out there provided by medical science today. However, majority of them offer relief from the pain but they have varying levels of effectiveness.

Some of them are effective but they require direct consultations with the doctor or custom made footwear to insert to make it comfortable walking around. Some others cost a surprisingly high amount of money that can be out of reach by many patients. They also require frequent replacement which can be time consuming and can also at last drain your financial reserves.
Although people argue that surgical procedures are fast and can correct the dismantled bone in a day, they are expensive and will also affect your general activities since you have to sit down for some days for the scars to heal.

While surgical procedure should be one of the last option when the other treatment options do not produce the desired results —

Let’s face it, not all people are comfortable with surgery, including bunions surgery such as below.

( Warning: This video shows actual bunion surgical procedure with contents that may not be suitable for all viewers )

Some of the surgical procedures are also not covered by insurance.

With Valgomed as first treatment option, you are likely to get all the benefits in one pack. It provides a natural solution to this problem that is demonstrated to be effective and reliable.

It helps you save on cost and at the same time save on time that you could otherwise use consulting a doctor and those regular visits. You don’t have to put up with the lengthy consultations and appointments.

Where To Buy Valgomed

Buy Valgomed Walmart CVS WalgreensMade in USA, Valgomed Silicone Gel Bunion Separator offers permanent relief from painful and disfiguring bunions.

While normally not available for sale in local stores like Walmart CVS and Walgreens —

This bunion separator is available to buy online via Valgomed Official Website.

The product is also covered by a 30 days money back guarantee.
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The Bottom Line and Verdict

If you are suffering from Bunions and you are out here searching for a cost effective remedy, then Valgomed is the right solution.

It can help to correct bone deformity and at the same time restore your quality of life.