CholesLo Reviews: Ingredients – Bad Side Effects Complaints?

CholesLo Reviews Ingredients Side Effects ComplaintsMade in the USA, CholesLo by HSL (Health Fitness Longevity) is an over the counter supplement formulated to naturally lower our cholesterol levels, cleanse our liver and reduces inflammation.

But are the efficacy of CholesLo ingredients supported through scientific research?

Does it really work without side effects and complaints?

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CholesLo Ingredients Review: How Do They Work?

Seeking to allay skepticism, we comprehensively review through the key ingredients of CholesLo, including what are the medical research results on CholesLo ingredients in term of their effectiveness to help reduce cholesterol and cleanse our liver:

CholesLo Ingredient #1: Red Yeast Rice

Red Yeast Rice, also known as Went Yeast, is red fermented rice that has been used since centuries by the Chinese for the preparation of medicines. It is rich in ingredient Monacolins that help to block the production of cholesterol, with one of its natural compound Monacolin K has the same structure as the drugs lovastatin and mevinolin.

According to Mayo Clinic, studies show Red Yeast Rice use may lead to a 10-33% reduction in bad low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, with research attesting to its effectiveness in lowering the cholesterol level include:

  • The University of Maryland Medical Center revealed study on 446 people, with the red yeast rice group showed total cholesterol fell by 22.7%, LDL by 31%, and triglycerides by 34%, while their good HDL cholesterol went up by 20% as well.

  • University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine conducted a study among 62 people suffering from high cholesterol level, and found that the group who had consumed Red Yeast Rice twice daily for 6 months have their bad LDL cholesterol levels decreased by an average of 35 mg/dL, significantly improved compared with 15 mg/dL in the placebo group.

  • Study report published by Medscape showed that taking red yeast rice reduced the total cholesterol of 187 people by more than 16%, LDL cholesterol by 21%, and triglycerides by 24%. HDL cholesterol also went up by 14%.

Watch the video from ABC News below, with medical experts share more on Red Yeast Rice as natural cholesterol remedy.


CholesLo Ingredient #2: Policosanol

Policosanol is a dietary supplement made of medium-chain alcohols extracted from sugar cane, with proven cholesterol-lowering effects:

  • Research indicated daily consumption of Policosanol for 30 days showed the bad LDL-cholesterol (LDC-C) were significantly reduced when compared with the control group, with the incorporation of 3H2O into sterols in the liver was significantly depressed, indicating inhibition of hepatic cholesterol biosynthesis.

  • Report published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine revealed 589 patients who were given Policosanol daily for 1 year showed significant improvements in lipid metabolism in persons with cholesterol problems (eg. 20.5% reduction of LDL-C) and hypertension, and reports of adverse cardiac events were lower in the policosanol group.

  • As shown below, National Center for Scientific Research of Havana City in Cuba conducted clinical study on 179 patients, with results show Policosanol is effective and safe for patients with hypercholesterolemia (high fat or lipid levels in blood).

choleslo ingredients review
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CholesLo Ingredient #3: Artichoke Leaf Extract

Artichoke Leaf Extract from Artichoke plant is packed with a host of disease-fighting nutrients, with the 2 major phytonutrients found in Globe Artichokes are Cynarin and Silymarin.

  • Research revealed by naturopath and certified nutritional consultant Michelle Schoffro Cook found that this bulb like vegetable increase bile secretion to help liver process fats, and thereby lowering the cholesterol level.

  • According to clinical study conducted by Universities of Exeter and Plymouth on 262 participants, it was found that Artichoke Leaf Extract has a positive effect in lowering the cholesterol level among the participants by 18.5%, from 7.74 mmol/L to 6.31 mmol/L.

  • Researchers at the University of Reading revealed a trial in which 75 volunteers were given 1280mg of Artichoke Leaf Extract for 12 weeks, resulted in favourable statistically significant reduction in total plasma cholesterol after the intervention period.

The video below further elaborates on health benefits Of Artichoke.


Other CholesLo Ingredients:

  • Milk Thistle belongs to the ragweed and daisy family generally found in Mediterranean countries, in which this detoxifying herb has been used medicinally for over 2,000 years and played a vital role in treating various toxin-induced health hazards related to liver, kidney, and gall bladder.

  • Turmeric, one of the most well-known and widely used Ayurvedic spices, contains curcumin with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are capable to provide relief from inflammation and pain naturally. Research also shows curcumin in turmeric can help lower the patients’ post-bypass heart attack rate by 65%.

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CholesLo Side Effects Review: Recommended Dosage?

CholesLo ingredients are natural and generally safe, with side effects are rare but possible:

  • While WebMD claims Policosanol appeared to be safe ‘ for most people when taken by mouth in doses of 5-80 mg daily for up to 3 years ‘ –

    Capital Regional Medical Center in Tallahassee revealed a safety study of 27,879 people followed for 2 to 4 years showed that use of policosanol produced adverse effects in 0.31% of participants, primarily weight loss, excessive urination, and insomnia.


  • The University of Maryland Medical Center states that side effects of Red Yeast Rice are rare but can include headache, stomachache or bloating.

  • While Medicinenet reported that Artichoke is safe when taken by mouth in which it has been used safely in research for up to 23 months – in some people artichoke can cause some side effects such as intestinal gas.

As such, just like any supplement, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instruction to avoid any adverse effects due to overdose.

The CholesLo dosage recommendation and instruction by the manufacturer is take 2 pills, 2x daily with water.

Where To Buy CholesLo: Walmart, Walgreens, GNC, CVS?

Made in the USA, HSL (Health Fitness Longevity) as the CholesLo manufacturer wants to ensure that users will get genuine product at all times.

CholesLo Reviews Ingredients Side Effects ComplaintsAs indicated under the FAQ section of CholesLo Official Website here:

At the current time, no. CholesLo is found exclusively online and primarily at this website. This is because we can offer the best price, since you’re purchasing direct from the manufacturer.
As such, the CholesLo supplement is not available for sale at stores and retailers like Walmart / Walgreens / GNC / CVS / Costco –

as it is only available to buy online via CholesLo Official Website.

The manufacturer is backing up their confidence on this natural supplement by offering 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

User Reviews on CholesLo: Does It Work?

The CholesLo reviews have generally been positive, with actual examples of user feedback are as below.

Guillermo from Miami feedback, ” I tried this product for the first time so I could lower my LDL levels naturally and it did.. my LDL level was around 180-190 before I took cholesLo…I had been taking it for a period of about 3 weeks when I had my next blood work done and lowered it to 144. So the product does work !! I recommend it to anyone needing a natural remedy to improve their LDL and overall levels. ”
DeejN commented, ” I tried Lipitor and Crestor and they both gave me very bad joint pain.. I came across CholesLo and gave it a try.. My cholesterol went from 287 to 209, by using the doses recommended on the bottle. A friend of mine said I should try half doses to save money, which I did, but my cholesterol went back up again. So, if you purchase, I recommend full doses as recommended on the bottle. I am sure I will be using this product for years to come. ”
Linda shared, ” Just got my blood work back after taking this (4 tablets – 2 in am and 2 in pm) for 2.5 months. My total cholesterol dropped 50 points to from 290 to 240, and my triglycerides dropped 66 points . LDL dropped 38 points, HDL stayed about the same. This did better than the simvestatin I was taking and I feel good – no side effects. Was a little skeptical but this product is fantastic because blood tests don’t lie so I will keep taking it – I am happy!!!!!” 


CholesLo Reviews: The Verdict

Made in the USA, CholesLo is an OTC supplement formulated to naturally lower our cholesterol levels and cleanse our liver, with the efficacy of its ingredients are supported by medical studies and actual user results.

Whether you are in UK, Canada, Australia, or NZ –

This product is available to buy online via CholesLo Official Website, with the manufacturer is backing up their confidence on this natural cholesterol solution by offering 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
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CholesLo Dietary Supplement
Used For:Lower cholesterol levels, cleanse liver, reduces inflammation.CholesLo Reviews Ingredients Side Effects Complaints
Ingredients Profile:All natural ingredients: Red Yeast Rice, Policosanol, Artichoke Leaf Extract, etc.
How To Use:Take 2 pills, 2x daily with water.
Guarantee:30 days money back guarantee
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