5 Best Hair Brush for Blow Drying, Shiny Natural Hair, and Perfect Blowout at Home.

Best Hair Brush for Blow DryingYou know it is true:

If you are blow drying your hair at home –

A great brush is essential to achieve a great blowout with fast drying time, while prevent hair loss and breakage.

But with everyone has different hair length, texture, and density of hair –

which hair brush will work great for you?
We’ve rounded up the very best hair brush for blow drying based on user reviews, and here are 5 top rated blow-dry hair brushes that can help you to get that salon-styled look at home:


1. Osensia’s Professional Round Brush

Designed with ceramic ion thermal barrel brush that help to maximize air flow, speed drying time, allow easy styling, while prevent hair breakage.

Available in 5 different options that offer

  • various brush diameter, ranging from 1.35 inches (ultra small round brush) to 3.07 inches (large round brush).
  • various barrel diameter from 0.75 inch to 2.0 inches
  • blow drying solution for various uses (eg. curls, waves, flips, volume), hair length (short, medium, long), and hair type (eg. normal, thin, thick).

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2. CHI Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brush

CHI is a market leader in professional hair care products for all hair types.

Manufactured by a Houston based company –

this top rated CHI 44 ceramic barrel with nylon bristles round 2″ brush is superb in providing tangle free styling of long hair, while eliminates frizz and static electricity.

Its nylon bristles with special heat resistance is capable to maintain even temperature without hot or cold spots, dries the hair from the inside out by cutting down drying time up to 50% faster.

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The brief video below shows how Sierra Nicole blow dry her hair with this CHI round brush, from curly to straight.


3. T3 – Premium Dry Vent Hair Brush

T3 Micro is a reputable hair beauty product brand that needs no introduction.

The vented design of this sophisticated, premium hair brush enables it to synchronize with the airflow to accelerate speed drying by letting the air circulate freely through brush.

Its widely-spaced heat-resistant bristles maximize styling power, defy static, detangle and smooth hair.

>> Check out Product Details of this T3 Dry Vent Hair Brush to learn more

4. Care me Roller Brush for Blow Drying

Available in 3 sizes of

  • 1.3 inch (barrel diameter), best for short hair from 6 inch Length.
  • 1.7 inch, best for below shoulder length hair.
  • 2 inch, which is perfect for Back Length hair.

Made with 100% pure boar bristles and nylon pins, this roller brush for blow-drying is great to deliver a smooth straight end result for any hair length. It can apply on wigs and hair extensions too.

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5. Elamir Concept Round Hair Brush for Blow Drying

This Elamir Concept ionic hair brush has nylon and boar bristles that ensure smooth brushing for fine hair, add volume and shine to your hairstyle, while protecting the hair.

The ceramic barrel decreases blow-drying time by absorbing the heat quickly, while its nano ionic material are anti-static.

It comes with 5 professional hair croc clips, alongside a cleaning brush that helps to remove the hair from brushes.

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Additional Tips on How to Use Round Brush for Blow Drying

Blow drying your hair with a top rated round brush is the perfect start to any hairstyle, as it creates lasting volume and smoothness.

The video below walks you through some recommended steps for blow drying short hair with a round brush. From prepping your hair to finishing the blowout, you’ll find great tips to create a great blowout at home.

To blow dry long hair, Alex Gaboury shares her secret and tips on how to do it at home by using a round brush:

And here are some tips on how to blowout frizzy or curly hair:

Detangling natural hair? The video below covers tips on how to safely blow dry thick kinky natural hair, with 2 different ways to blowout type 4 hair safely without heat damage:

So what if you want to blow dry hair with a round brush to create soft waves? Check out these professional tips:

For more tips to get the perfect blowout, watch this video from Abby Smith:


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Best Hair Brush for Blow Drying