AHCC HPV 2021: Buy At GNC, Walgreens, CVS, Amazon, or..?

AHCC HPV 2015 GNC Walmart Walgreens CVSIt is an excellent breakthrough that a medical research indicates the extract from Japanese Shiitake mushrooms named Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) shows initial promising sign in treating HPV.

Because as it stands, there are currently no medications that can effectively cure Human Papillomavirus (HPV) which is associated with more than 99% of cervical cancer cases, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Breakthrough AHCC HPV Medical Research Study Results

The University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHealth) Medical School has conducted a study on 10 women with oral doses of AHCC once a day for period of 6 months.

Results show 5 women achieved a negative HPV test result, with 3 with confirmed eradication after stopping AHCC.

Judith A. Smith, associate professor in UTHealth, is currently conducting a 6 months phase II clinical study on AHCC efficacy in HPV treatment.

Watch the brief video below that Arise America and Dr. Philippa Cheetham discussed about HPV and this AHCC clinical study.

AHCC Supplement Benefits & Current Usage: How They Help

The medical research results by UTHealth is especially a good news for women’s health, as World Health Organization reported there are at least 13 cancer-causing high risk HPV strains, with approximately 270,000 women died from cervical cancer in 2012.

Subject to further clinical examination and assessment, HPV treatment is added to long benefits list of AHCC as a natural immune-modulating compound that has been successfully used to treat a wide range of health conditions, supported by proven medical research results such as:

  • International Journal of Applied Research in Natural Products reported AHCC helps in recurrent ovarian cancer treatment, whereby the combination of AHCC with pegylated liposomal doxorubicin (PLD) demonstrated a 64.1% reduction in tumor growth.

  • Research results by Yale School of Medicine demonstrate that AHCC can enhance tumor immune surveillance through regulating both innate and adaptive immune responses.

  • Study by Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine found AHCC down-regulates pancreatic cancer cells.

  • Thammasat University Rangsit Campus of Thailand reported AHCC intake could prolong the survival and improve the prognosis of patients with advanced liver cancer and delay the gradual decline of their physiological status.

  • Clinical study on 41 women reported by The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine shows AHCC helps to reduce cancer chemotherapy side-effects such as neutropenia.

  • Medscape reported that AHCC helps to get rid of warts caused by low-risk HPV, including genital wart and plantar wart.

  • Studies by University of Ottawa and Binghamton University concluded AHCC promotes immune response, leading to an effective clearance of bacteria and rapid recovery.


AHCC Supplement Reviews: Any HPV Success Stories?

We combed through the best selling AHCC supplements and their customer reviews, to check on real user feedback and the AHCC supplement results:

#1: AHCC Kinoko Gold

ahcc kinoko gold amazon
Morris Little feedback: ‘A friend who survived cancer through use of this product for 9 years, recommended this for my wife who has had ovarian cancer and been through chemo and its debilitation. She has been taking it for 4 years and sees her doctor every six months. She is cancer free as we speak. I believe the product is a great immune system support.’
Islander of Pac NW said: ‘I’ve been taking AHCC for 3 and a half years, since I was diagnosed with low grade prostate cancer. This Japanese product is recommended by Dr Aaron Katz, director of the Center for Holistic Urology at Columbia University Medical Center, in his two books on prostate disease. I take 4 capsules daily, plus other supplements recommended by Katz. My last two biopsies were negative and my PSA has been stable so far.’
Fredo from Denton of Texas shared this experience: ‘I’m diabetic and recently was having trouble getting back into the groove of things… my blood sugar was out of control. The last straw was when I got a horrible infection and had to take ridiculous amounts of antibiotics. Felt so weak and sick. I decided enough was enough. I started running again, eating better after taking these pills.. I have never felt better. I’ve worked out before and adjusted my diet, but I’ve got tons more energy, less pain and I haven’t been sick in forever! Mushrooms have been used all through out Asia for medicinal purposes and doctors in the US prescribe them to cancer patients; it makes sense.’
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#2: NOW Foods AHCC

NOW Foods AHCC 750mg Amazon
Debra D. Peterson of New Braunfels, Texas feedback: ‘AHCC is helping me to keep my cancer numbers down from Ovarian Cancer for 10 months now. My Oncologist is amazed..’
Nancy McCaskill of Jacksonville, Florida said: ‘I started taking this product during chemotherapy. Once I started taking it daily, I did not become ill again during chemo.’
Rachel George of Las Vegas shared this experience: ‘I believe it works as an immune builder and protector. There is zero side effects. I take it on an empty stomach. The allergy season is full blown right now in the desert and I believe that AHCC contributes to less allergy problems.. I am feeling good!’
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AHCC At GNC, Walgreens, CVS, Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe.. ?

We’ve done research on where to buy AHCC:

AHCC supplements are not found at GNC official website, while there are very limited choice of AHCC supplements for sale at online pharmacy and stores like Walgreens and CVS, as shown below.
AHCC HPV 2015 GNC Walgreens CVS Vitamin Shoppe
>> Amazon.com offers a good range of AHCC supplement products – with competitive price.
Taking Kinoko Gold AHCC Capsules – 60 Vegicaps / 500mg for example, the same product by Quality of Life is available at Amazon for significantly lower price than in Vitamin Shoppe, as shown in comparison below.

AHCC HPV 2018 GNC Walgreens CVS Amazon Vitamin Shoppe.

AHCC HPV 2021 Review: The Verdict

As indicated above, supplements with AHCC mushroom extract (like Kinoko Gold) have received positive customer reviews that testify AHCC supplement do help to fight cancers and reduce adverse effects of chemotherapy just as the medical research results show, nonetheless there are still limited reviews that prove AHCC mushroom supplement can effectively cure HPV – which requires further clinical studies.