GetBevel Reviews: Why Pay More – For HYPE?

The American Academy of Dermatology claimed nearly 80% of men experience irritation caused by shaving –
GetBevel Reviews Razor Bump Shaving Solution
while it is estimated razor bumps affect 45% to 83% of African American men who shave regularly, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

By looking at these stats, it is understandable that people eagerly look out for effective shaving solution –

like GetBevel 5 parts Shaving System that comes with Priming oil, Badger brush, Shave cream, Bevel razor, and post-shave Restoring balm.

But does GetBevel really work, especially for men with curly hair, to achieve smooth and irritation-free skin without razor bumps / burn after shaving?

Before we comprehensively review GetBevel alongside the best shaving tips from dermatology experts, let’s first understand:

What Causes Razor Bumps / Burn That Irritate You?

As elaborated by the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology:

Pseudofolliculitis barbae (razor bumps) is a common condition of the beard area, occurring in up to 60% African American men and other people with curly hair. The problem results when highly curved hairs grow back into the skin causing inflammation and a foreign body reaction. Over time, this can cause keloidal scarring which looks like hard bumps of the beard area and neck. Shaving sharpens the ends of the hairs like a spear. The hairs then curve back into the skin causing razor bumps.


Watch this brief illustration video by Jeffrey Benabio, MD, who also shared some razor bump prevention tips.


How To Prevent Razor Bumps: Dermatology Experts’ Tips

The only way to completely eliminate razor bumps is to stop shaving, but it is obvious that most people do not simply choose to grow beards and never shave.

And not everyone relies on hair clippers and electric razors either, as these shaving tools do not provide a smooth and tight enough shave.

We want to give our best impression with a clean and smooth shave, without the unsightly shaving bumps.
So just how to not get razor bumps?

We’ve done the research and here are what the dermatology experts say –

Expert Tip: Soften The Skin And Hair Before Shaving

IdeaAccording to the renowned Hudson’s FTM Guide, your skin tends to be puffy and swollen when you first wake up in the morning. If you shave in the mornings, wait until at least 20 minutes after you have woken up before you begin your shave to let the puffiness go down. When your skin has reached its normal tautness, the hairs will be closer to the surface and easier to shave.

eMedicineHealth recommends to take a hot shower before shaving, to soften the hair and open the pores. By taking hot shower prior to shaving, the heat and moisture from shower softens the skin and hair while opens the pores, which can help to prevent formation of razor bumps.

Alternatively, massaging the face with warm water may also help to make the skin more pliable and open the pores.

Aligning to these expert tips, the GetBevel system is designed to achieve the skin and hair softening effect in an easy and convenient way, through:

  • GetBevel Part #1 Priming Oil that calms the skin and softens the hair with lavender, olive, and castor oils for smooth and easy razor glides while preventing tugging, nicks, and irritation. For example, among the priming oil ingredients, it’s commonly known that olive helps to soften skin – just as Dr Oz pointed out.
  • GetBevel Part #2 Amply lofted Badger Brush with fine badger hairs that create a rich, protective lather to lift and prep the (curly) hairs. This also bring cleansing and exfoliating effect so that your skin is free from excess dirt, grease, dead skin cells, bacteria, etc – with blocked pores cleaned.
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Expert Tip: Hydrates The Skin With Shaving Cream

IdeaZoe Diana Draelos, M.D. emphasizes that shaving cream is important in preventing razor bump, with the key purpose of shaving cream is to reduce friction between the blade and the skin. Professional-grade shaving cream increases the amount of water that enters the hair shaft, thus softening the hair shaft and allowing the razor to cut the hair cleanly with less force.

GetBevel Part #3 Shave Cream uses ingredients like shea butter, white tea, and aloe vera that Palo Alto Medical Foundation claims can help prevent and treat razor burn by soothing sensitive skin and alleviating the pain.

Get Bevel shave cream is formulated to create a rich, foamy, hydrating lather to lift coarse, curly hair on the areas of face and neck you plan to shave. This provides a slick barrier between skin and the Bevel razor allowing safe and easy glides, while cutting down on friction and the curling back of the hairs.

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Expert Tip: Avoid Multi-Blades Razor – Surprised?

IdeaMany dermatologists, including Jeffrey Benabio MD in previous video, shared the same claim as Columbia University health specialists who pointed out below:

“… using razors with two or three blades, attempt to cut the hair underneath the actual skin line, inadvertently making it easier for those hairs to then poke back into the skin – increase the likelihood of razor bumps.”

GetBevel Reviews Razor Bumps Shaving SystemCartridge razors are designed for convenience and higher profit for manufacturers, but such multi-blade razors pull the hairs and cut them off below skin level. When hair grows inward and under the skin, the site can become red, irritated and caused razor bumps.

Board certified dermatologist Dr. Joely Kaufman said, “I highly dissuade patients who suffer from razor bumps from using triple or quadruple blade razor systems. The closer the shave, the worse the razor bumps will be.
This is exactly the reason why GetBevel Part #4 SINGLE Blade Safety Razor with double edge is designed for tug free shaves, to cut the hair level with your skin but not underneath, preventing razor bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burn.

The GetBevel razor head is sized for precise maneuvering, with its single blade is engineered with polished edges for smooth shave without being overly aggressive.
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Expert Tip: Shaving Best Practices That You Must Know

IdeaIn addition to recommending using single blade safety razor, dermatology experts further share the following shaving best practices to avoid razor bumps:

  • Always shave in the direction of hair growth (usually downward), because shaving against the grain can cause razor bumps.
  • Always shave with the least amount of strokes and do not pull the skin tight while shaving.
  • Always shave with the least amount of pressure possible, because increased shaving pressure cuts more skin in addition to the hair, imposing risk of razor bumps.
  • Take your time when shaving. Avoid the 30-seconds shave, as shaving slowly and with care can dramatically reduce nicks, cuts and abrasions that can aggravate razor bumps.
  • Rinse off your face with cool water to make sure you have completely removed any remaining hair and shaving cream. Gently pat your face dry.
  • Reduce number of shaves by shaving every other day. Giving the skin time to heal will allow hairs to grow straight through the skin’s surface, without forcing too-short hairs back into the skin. Frequent shaving too close to the skin will trap hairs inside the follicles.


Expert Tip: Apply Moisturizing After-Shave Lotion

IdeaIt is recommended to apply ointments after shaving that keep the pores open so that growing hair can protrude, in order to reduce the chances of suffering from razor bumps.

Dr Susan Taylor recommends to use after-shave solution that contains hydrating ingredients to cut down on redness and discomfort, whilst she warns to stay away from products that contain alcohol since this can dry skin out and provoke an ashy appearance in black skin.
GetBevel Part #5 Alcohol-free After-Shave Restoring Balm contains ingredients like Oat Kernel, Tea Tree Oil, and Jojoba Oil.

The Get Bevel restoring balm is also enriched with lactic and salicylic acids to help exfoliate and even skin tone. Indeed, clinical study published by PubMed shows lactic acid resulted in increased epidermal and dermal firmness and clinical improvement in skin smoothness and in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
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GetBevel Reviews: What Do Customers Say – Does It Work?

GetBevel is not just a razor.

GetBevel offers a complete end-to-end shaving system specifically designed to reduce / prevent razor bumps and irritation as its unique value proposition:

  1. Priming Oil that protects your skin before each shave
  2. Badger Brush that creates rich lather to lift and prep the curly hairs
  3. Shave Cream that hydrates your skin to reduce friction with blade
  4. Single Blade Safety Razor that cut the hair level with your skin but not underneath
  5. Restoring Balm to repair your skin after shave

Kenneth Vasser elaborated on his GetBevel experience in brief video below:


GetBevel Reviews: The Verdict

Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Crutchfield sees patients with razor bumps on a regular basis, and shared his comments below:

Television commercials portray the manly art of shaving as a refreshing and simple morning exercise that dispatches hair stubble with a few strokes of a razor before the man splashes on Aqua Velva after shave. The man’s wife then draws the palm of her hand across his smooth face, exclaiming over its softness. But for most black men this never happens.

Razor or blade shaving works for white men and other men who have straight hair. But for black men with curly hair, shaving with a razor or a blade is an ordeal that can lead to the face being disfigured by razor bumps and skin discoloration, both of which can affect black men’s appearance, self-image and self-esteem.

If you have the same frustration as above:

The GetBevel 5 parts shaving system is specifically designed to achieve smooth and irritation-free shave without razor bumps and razor burn, in which this complete end-to-end shaving solution is especially helpful for men with curly hair.

However, many found that the cost for GetBevel is way too expensive (and in Subscription base), and there are certainly other more cost effective solutions available to address your shaving needs.