Remedy For Heart Veins Opening

Remedy For Heart Veins Opening

Are You Suffering from Heart Diseases? Or have you been advised to undergo Angiography or Bypass?

When someone from London went to Pakistan for meeting, he suffered acute chest pain. After the diagnosis, the doctors advised Bypass surgery in a month time as they discovered 3 arteries of this patient were severely blocked.

During this period, he then met VAID SAHAB (Dr in Auyerveda) who prescribed the remedy recipe below in which he consumed for a month. A day before his bypass operation, he arrived at the Cardiology Hospital in Mumbai. After taking a close look at the results and his previous check up results, the doctors then asked him if he took any medication after the previous Angiography was carried out, as the arteries are cleared.

Ingredients for Heart Vein Opening remedy recipe:

1 cup of Lemon juice,
1 cup of Ginger juice,
1 cup of Garlic juice,
1 cup of Apple vinegar.

Mix all above and simmer in low heat for about 60 minutes or till solution reduces to 3 cups. Remove solution to cool, then mix 3 cups of natural honey and store it in a jar. Drink one tablespoon daily before breakfast. Your vein’s blockage will open in most cases.

Refer below video illustrating on ” Heart Block Vein Natural Remedy “.


Based on Hong Kong’s famous blog , ” Yim Ho Recipe Collection” – Since introduced this remedy recipe to the readers, he received many positive feedback, while Miss April shared an important reminder based on her real life experience: ” This remedy recipe for heart veins opening would decrease blood pressure and blood sugar, thus need to ensure close monitoring of blood pressure and glycemic index changes, and consult the doctor including promptly reduce the normal medication dosage if necessary”.

” I introduced this recipe/remedy to a friend with heart disease/discomfort and the effect is positive, with the blood vessels really cleared. There are positive effects on diabetes too, in which her blood sugar level has dropped to normal range. However, she was once admitted to the hospital due to dizziness caused by low blood sugar level. The patient was  too anxious in lowering down the blood sugar by over-consuming the remedy recipe above, and overlooked the risk of her blood sugar level drop too significantly without consulting the doctor, including to review and reduce the normal medication dosage when necessary. ”