LactiGo Reviews: Gel Work to Reduce Lactic Acid in Muscles?

LactiGo Reviews Gel Reduce Muscle Lactic Acid
LactiGo gel is an over the counter product that claims to help improve athletes’ performance by eliminating lactic acid buildup in muscles.

You are probably wondering:

Does LactiGo really work?

Are the efficacy of LactiGo ingredients supported through scientific research?

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LactiGo Reviews: Understand Lactic Acid in Muscles

For those who exercise regularly and vigorously, the buildup of lactic acid in muscles following an intense training can cause the muscles to get stiff and sore.

As explained by Stephen M. Roth, professor in the University of Maryland:

  • We begin to breathe faster as our bodies perform strenuous exercise, because we attempt to shuttle more oxygen to our working muscles.
  • As the body exercises and when oxygen is limited, the body temporarily converts pyruvate into lactic acid (lactate), which allows glucose breakdown to continue energy production.
  • The working muscle cells can continue anaerobic energy production at high rates, with lactate can accumulate to high levels to increase the acidity of muscle cells.

Consequently, according to MedicineNet, accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles can cause muscle soreness, reduce our strength, or make us uncomfortable for a couple of days.
Dr Travis Stork M.D. further elaborated on how lactic acid affects muscles in the video below.

So, how can Lactigo help to eliminate lactic acid build up in the muscles?

To fully assess how does LactiGo work, let’s first understand what is in LactiGo gel.

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LactiGo Ingredient: What is Carnosine?

LactiGo topical gel is a 100% WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) & NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) tested product that uses a patented muscular absorption technology to apply Carnosine directly to our muscles.

Carnosine is a form of peptide that has been composed of two unique amino acids – Histidine and Beta-Alanine. It is naturally produced by the human body and is generally found in muscles, heart and brain.

Besides being very important for proper functioning of various vital organs of the body, Carnosine also helps in preventing diabetes and even prevents the signs of aging.

Dr Trent Stellingwerff, Sports scientist at the Nestle Research Centre in Vevey of Switzerland, gave a good overview of Carnosine and Beta-Alanine (β-ALA) in the brief video below.


Medical Research Results – How Does Carnosine Work?

We’ve done independent research to comprehensively review through what are the medical research results on Carnosine as key LactiGo ingredient, on how it helps to improve athletic performance:


1. Remove and Prevent Accumulation of Lactic Acid in Muscle

When you experience burning sensation in your muscles while performing various types of physical exercises, it is because there is an excess build up of lactic acid in your body.

Studies show Beta-Alanine (β-ALA), a vital ingredient of Carnosine, is very effective in enhancing the athletic performance by limiting the lactic acid formation in human body.

β-ALA in Carnosine acts as a powerful intra vascular cushion that help in binding various hydrogen ions and thereby results in neutralizing the lactic acids within the muscles.
According to research published by the US National Library of Medicine, Carnosine is highly effective in lowering the pH level within the muscles and thereby prevents formation of lactic acid:

  • During moderate to high-intensity exercise, hydrogen ions (H+) begin to accumulate leading to a drop in intramuscular pH and ultimately influencing muscle performance.
  • The greater the reliance on glycolysis as the primary energy system, the greater production of lactic acid and H+, thus leading to further decreases in intramuscular pH. This decrease in intramuscular pH has been suggested to be linked to fatigue-induced increases in muscle activation and electromyographic (EMG) amplitude.
  • If the intramuscular pH decline can be prevented or delayed, the fatigue induced EMG increase may also be delayed.
  • Beta-alanine has been shown to increase muscle carnosine levels, which can act as a buffer to reduce the acidity in the active muscles during high-intensity exercise. β-ALA has been shown to have beneficial effects on exercise performance variables such as cycling capacity, ventilatory threshold, and time to exhaustion.


2. Reduce Muscle Burn That Holds You Back From Better

If you experience a burning sensation within the muscles of your body while performing an exercise, it’s the result of increase in the level of hydrogen ions that break the high energy compound.

Livestrong claims that accumulation of lactic acid in muscle tissue produces the burning sensation and inflammation you feel while your muscles are still active. This pain is a defense mechanism that can get you to stop overworking your body and allow you to recover after your body clears the lactic acid.
Carnosine in Lactigo gel can smartly rescues the body from this stressful situation by absorbing the excess amount of hydrogen ions and thereby maintains the pH level within the muscles, and help prevent formation of lactic acid that results into burning sensation.

Andrew Raines, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, shares more about lactic acid and muscle burn in brief video below, alongside some useful tips on how to deal with it.


3. Increase Power or Endurance To Boost Performance

To function effectively, muscle cells rely on the powerful intracellular buffer carnosine to avoid becoming acidic (low pH) during exercise. If we want our muscles to remain strong and maintain powerful contractions, they need to be in an optimal pH range. If they don’t and the pH drops below the optimal level, we have significantly less strength and fatigue more quickly.

The increase in the power of muscles greatly depends upon the level of Carnosine in the body. According to Dr Susan M. Kleiner, while Beta-alanine in Carnosine prevents certain enzymatic reactions that increase lactic acid in working muscles, Beta-alanine can also increase muscle carnosine content to improve endurance during high-intensity exercise, and delay the onset of neuromuscular fatigue.
Just as report published by the US National Library of Medicine, Beta-Alanine can increase high-intensity intermittent exercise performance and/or training adaptations. Carnosine in the body acts as a free-radical fighter and enzyme regulator and thereby helps in enhancing the endurance within the muscles, allowing us to train harder and train longer.

Nutrient Journal further published medical research results that outline the benefits of Beta-Alanine for exercise, including:

  • A 30-days study was conducted on 8 resistance-trained men to examine the resistance exercise performance and endocrine changes, with results concluded that beta-alanine can significantly improve muscular endurance during resistance training in experienced resistance-trained athletes.
  • Highly trained cyclists demonstrated significantly greater increases in total work done after a 12-week beta-alanine supplementation.


4. Reduce Muscle Cramps and Fatigue of Over-Worked Muscles

Fatigue is the physiological breaking point at which the athlete cannot continue to exercise intensity in other words something when fatigue sets in, they can’t maintain the pace it’s going to slow them down and eventually halt performance.

When lactic acid in strenuous work accumulates in our muscles, and the pH falls, we get tired and ultimately exhausted.

Carnosine acts as an antioxidant and thereby helps in reducing the muscle pain by adequately buffering the acids within the muscle tissue.
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5. Release the Pain and Soreness For Faster Recovery

Muscles pain and soreness is generally experienced after performing rigorous intense exercises by the athletes. This situation generally happens when there is a decrease in the level of natural Carnosine within the body.

Improving Carnosine level will help in proper muscle contraction while performing intense exercises, and help release the muscle pain and soreness.
The renowned osteopathic physician and alternative medicine proponent, Dr Joseph Mercola shared some supporting medical research results such as:

  • A study on 11 healthy men was conducted by University of Tsukuba in Japan.
  • The research shows a significant correlation between the carnosine concentration with the mean power per body mass and other indices, with the results demonstrated that carnosine concentration is an important factor in determining the high-intensity exercise performance.


Where To Buy LactiGo Gel – To Get Your Competitive Edge?

LactiGo Reviews Gel Reduce Muscle Lactic AcidLactiGo Reviews Gel Reduce Muscle Lactic Acid

LactiGo gel is 100% tested by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) & NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), in which it allows user to apply Carnosine directly to our muscles.

While LactiGo is not available for sale at stores/pharmacies like Walmart, Walgreens, GNC, CVS, Amazon, and Boots UK –

This innovative and safe product is available to buy online via the LactiGo Official Website, so you can purchase LactiGo worldwide even if you reside in Canada or Australia.

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LactiGo Review: What Do Users Say – Does LactiGo Work?

Lactigo gel has delivered very convincing results with many positive user reviews and customer testimonials, with examples of professional athletes’ feedback as shown below:

Jeremy Stephens, the American professional mixed martial artist competing in Ultimate Fighting Championship, commented ‘This stuff is no joke! Lactigo gives a super fast recovery & much higher endurance!’

Jeremy Stephens, claimed ‘Muscles were sore until i slapped on the LactiGo gel. This stuff is crazy.’

Myles Jury, commented ‘Fast recovery with LactiGo! Eliminates soreness / lactic acid and increased endurance’.

SealGrinderPT feedback: ‘Rode 300 miles on mtn bike in 40 hrs straight. Used LactiGo and less sore than my last ride at 166 miles. WORKS!’

LactiGo Gel Review Customer Testimonials

LactiGo Gel Reviews: The Verdict

Lactigo Where To Buy Amazon UK Canada AustraliaLactiGo is 100% NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) tested topical gel that uses a patented muscular absorption technology to apply Carnosine directly to our muscles.

Medical research results show Carnosine (and its key component Beta-Alanine) help eliminate lactic acid build up during exercise, reduce muscle pain while increase endurance – allowing anyone to train harder and longer with significantly reduced post workout soreness.

LactiGo has also been tested and Certified for Sport by LGC and is fully WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) compliant for all pro and amateur athletes, with convincing user results and testimonials received.

This innovative and safe product is available to buy online via the Amazon Website.