Breast Actives Reviews: Complaints – Ingredients – Buy at Walmart eBay or..?

Breast Actives Complaints Review Walmart eBayHave you ever been to a beach and stared in awe at how prosperous breasts other women have when compared to yours?

Do you dream that you had breasts that have a great shape and texture, without having to go through with costly implants?

Did your breasts lose their firmness and appeal after you gave birth to a child?

If this is you, don’t worry – you’re far from being alone.
While Breast Actives is a popular breast enhancer on the market and can increase breast size naturally, does it really work without any complaints?

And where to buy Breast Actives – Walmart, eBay, Walgreens, or…?

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Breast Actives Reviews: How Does It Work?

Many women resort to breast enhancement products in order to recover the firmness and texture of their breasts that they have lost over the years. Breast enhancers can even increase the size of the breasts which is why many women prefer breast enhancers over breast implants.
Breast Actives is a 3 Steps Natural Breast Enhancement Program which claims to increase the size of breasts, make them curvier and firmer without causing adverse effects to the body:

  • Step 1: Ingest one Breast Actives Pill every day before or after your first meal.
  • Step 2: Use fingertips to massage Breast Actives Cream on breasts each morning.
  • Step 3: Follow Breast Actives Workout Program designed to help increase your bust size.

Seeking to allay skepticism, we comprehensively review through the key ingredients of Breast Actives cream and pills to comprehend whether it truly works or is just another scam –

including what are the medical research results on Breast Actives ingredients in term of their effectiveness to help achieve larger, firmer, and lifted breasts.

Breast Actives Ingredients Reviews: Medical Research

The ingredients of Breast Actives are 100% natural with herbs and minerals found in nature.

We take a closer look at its ingredients list to comprehend more:

Breast Actives Ingredient #1: Fennel Seed

Fennel (foeniculum vulgare) is a perennial herb or a flowering plant with yellow flowers which belongs to the carrot family. This unique herb is generally found in the Mediterranean shores.

Fennel seed are the dried fruits of foeniculum vulgare. Its functions are similar to estrogen – an important hormone for function regulation in the female body.

Medical studies, including research published by the US National Library of Medicine, show:

  • Fennelcan help regulate overeating.
  • photoanethole, phyto-nutrients, and anethole in Fennel help in enhancing estrogen production which results to larger breasts, claims Dr Marilyn Glenville, a nutritionist ­specialising in women’s health and hormones.
  • licorice compound in Fennel enhances milk supply, according to WebMD.


Breast Actives Ingredient #2: Blessed Thistle

Also known as the holy thistle, Blessed Thistle is a plant whose leaves, upper stems and flowering tops are used in preparation of herbal medicines since Middle Ages. It has been used to treat Galactorrhea, postponed menstrual period, anorexia, and indigestion.

According to the Canadian Breast Feeding Foundation, Blessed Thistle 3 capsules 3 times a day has been used as a herbal treatment for breastfeeding mothers who have various problems, especially in helping to increase breast milk supply.

Additionally, clinical study conducted among 30 women found that combination of Blessed Thistle, Fenugreek seed, Pueraria Mirifica, Dong Quai and Fennel seed helped in enhancing prolactin, progesterone, estrogen, prostaglandins and thereby resulted in growth and firmness of breast after 3 months.

Breast Actives Ingredient #3: Dong Quai

Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis), also referred as Chinese angelica, is a plant which has been used for more than 1000 years as medicine, tonic and spice in Korea, Japan and China.

According to Mayo Clinic and University of Maryland Medical Center

Dong Quai root is frequently said to be the ‘female ginseng” not only because it is commonly used to treat health conditions in women such as dysmenorrhea or painful menstruation, but also the balancing impact it has on the female hormonal framework.

Learn more about Dong Quai in brief video below.


Breast Actives Ingredient #4: Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a herb which grows in the Mediterranean region and is similar to that of clover. Fenugreek is not just only used in cooking food, but is also popularly used in preparation of different types of medicines that can effectively treat obesity, constipation, and diabetes.

While Fenugreek seeds also help manage blood sugar and increases milk production in nursing ladies, medical studies have highlighted that

  • Fenugreek contains estrogen which helps in growth of breast.
  • Fenugreek helps empower mammary glands and thereby results to increase in breast size.


Other Breast Actives Ingredients

  • Dandelion is a herb rich in zinc, potassium, iron, alongside Vitamin A, B, C, and D. The leaves and root of this herb is popularly used in preparation of different types of medicines that can effectively treat eczema, muscle aches, and joint pain.
  • L-Tyrosine is a type of natural amino acid used to alleviate, premenstrual disorder, liquor and cocaine withdrawal and significantly responsible the structure of protein in the body.
  • Watercress is a semi aquatic perennial herb which is highly rich in fiber, vitamin c, calcium, iron and iodine. Its uses includes antioxidant, aphrodisiac, and anti-inflammation.
  • Red Clover Extract is a another perennial herb that contains estrogen and other like substances which have been discovered beneficial in age related hot flushes in ladies.
  • Aloe Vera Concentrate has anti-inflammatory properties and outstanding for its ability to calm various skin issues.
  • Pueraria Mirifica Extract is a type of plant found in northern Thailand, it is utilized to increase appetite and enlarge breasts.

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Breast Actives User Reviews: It is Effective and Safe?

Breast Actives affects the body from the inside and outside. It has a unique mixture of natural and safe ingredients in the breast enhancement cream which has been proven to be effective in making your breasts firmer, larger and curvier —

by delivering hormones and vitamins to the breast tissue in such a way that it stimulates and advances the improvement of yours breasts in a natural manner.
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If you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in Breast Actives then you should consult a doctor before buying it. Additionally, to make sure that Breast Actives has no negative side effects for you, make sure to only take dosages as recommended by the manufacturer.

The manufacturer recommends to take one dietary pill each day, and then apply the cream on the breasts while massaging them, in order for the cream to have maximum effects.
The user reviews on Breast Actives have generally been positive, with below are examples of user results and forum feedback:

Chaser1 feedback via ehealthforum: “I personally did have success with Breast Actives. I followed the instructions religiously with the pills and cream and worked out a few days a week with the included workouts. I actually achieved my desired breast size a little quicker than I expected, at about 3 months I stopped taking the pills and cream. I went from a 36B to a 36D.”

Vanessa shared her experience: “I was a sceptic. But I wanted to take a chance and I’m really glad that I did… In my case I am able to see very good results gradually. I believe this is only my second bottle and i’m seeing significant results (About one and a half months). I can’t wait to see where I will be in a few months. Bikini season is right around the corner and i’m glad this stuff delivered. You just have to be consistent and never miss a day with the cream or the pills. It’s really great especially if you are in between sizes and you want to fill the “loose ends” of your bra. Recommend this stuff all the way.”

Chaser1 feedback via ehealthforum: “My wife is very self conscience of her small breasts, even though i let her know i think are beautiful. So for her birthday i bought her breast actives, she has been taking it for about 3 months now and she has gone from a small A to a full A/small B. It’s not working as fast as the website says but it IS working and we are both excited about it. I believe it is worth trying. It works and it’s affordable.”

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Any Breast Actives Complaints?

No product is perfect, and Breast Actives is no exception, with below are the complaints:

#1: User Cannot Get Results Overnight with Breast Actives

There are some users who complained that they can’t get the desired outcome instantly.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that Breast Actives is a 3 steps Breast Enhancement Program that uses natural ingredients to boost breast size, and it is not designed to perform miracle by increasing breast size overnight.

#2: Breast Actives Does Not Work As Well for Some Users

Just like any product / supplement / medicine, different people may have different response and results. So it is not surprised to see that this Breast Enhancement Program did not work as well for a small group of people, with example like below:

38 years old moniska38 commented: “I have been using the breast actives cream and pills for 2 months and i can see results. My breasts are firmer and fuller and I’m going to continue. However I did not grow from A to C in 2 months. I suppose younger women get quicker results.”


#3: Breast Actives Is Not Available For Sale at eBay, Walmart.

Some users also feedback that they can’t buy Breast Actives through established retailers like eBay, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Boots UK.

Where To Buy Breast Actives

Breast Actives Complaints Review Walmart eBayMade of 100% natural ingredients, Breast Actives is a 3 Steps Natural Breast Enhancement Program which helps to increase the size of breasts, make them curvier and firmer through pills, cream, and workout program.

Breast Actives is only available to be purchased from its official website. If you find this product being sold anywhere, avoid them because they might be counterfeit product.

If you are tired of dealing with saggy and discolored breasts, then Breast Actives is definitely worth a try.

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